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Turntables on HiFi Forsale
 ID 60165 Linn T-kable. Latest Version  £215 
1.2 m long. In excellent condition.

 ID 60163 Chris Harban Wenge Lp12 Plinth...  £600 
Stunning looking plinth in fantastic condition. I don't have the original packaging but it will be securely double boxed packed.

 ID 60130 Amg V12 With 12j2t Arm  £11800.00 inc VAT 
AMG's top turntable combination. 12J2T arm improves over the 12J2 arm having more information, a bigger sound stage and more dynamics. Wonderfully neutral, musical sounding turntable. Easy to set...

 ID 60057 Vpi Scout Turntable With Jmw T...  £1200 
Very nice with original packaging. Pre owned Hi Fi List: www.emporiumhifi.com/pages/pre-owned-hifi-list.html

 ID 60051 Vpi Prime (3d Tonearm)  £2950 
12 months old but not used nearly enough! Complemented with Hana EL cartridge (30 hrs.) Sound is beautifully detailed without being overly forceful. User manual, cartridge alignment gauge. Box may b...

 ID 60027 Acoustic Research Es-!  £250 
The AR ES-1 turntable has the Linn Basik LV X tonearm and Linn K9 cartridge. The cartridge is fitted with a new Audio Technica ATN95E stylus because the Linn stylus is no longer available. The tur...

 ID 60015 Tecnics Sp10 Mk2 Turntable  £2600 ono 
Tecnics SP10 MkII turntable For it’s age it looks great, there are a few marks under the shellac on one corner but they are barely noticeable when you look at it. it has never been left in damp...

 ID 60014 Ariston Rd40 Turntable With Or...  £750 ono 
For sale here is my lovely Ariston RD40 turntable with Origin Live motor upgrade and Rega RB300 upgraded tonearm, also upgraded origin live belt. Roksan black Cartridge included. Black paint has...

 ID 60005 Garrard 301  £2000+ 
One owner garrard 301 on baseplate with rare sme 3009 mk i tone arm found in the loft. serial No48252 51400/2 original reciepts 1960 London all manuals and templates, beautiful condition I cannot fa...

 ID 59995 Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace...  £1999 
Fabulous UK built with Michell technoarm and wave mechanic psu cost £4150

 ID 59982 Wilson Benesch Full Circle Tur...  £1750 
Wilson Benesch Full Circle Turntable, WB ACT 0.5 Tonearm, Dynavector DV20x Cartridge Pre owned RRP: £3,700 The Full Circle turntable/ACT 0.5 tonearm and Dynavector DV20X combination is a compa...

 ID 59968 Linn Trampoline 2  £125 
Includes fittings. In excellent condition. One of the thin rubber washers that are glued to the feet is missing.

 ID 59954 Thorens Td160 Mkii  £1500 
Refurbished and upgraded TD160 MkII with rega arm.

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