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Our Advertising Package on HiFi Forsale

Do you want to be seen on the most popular second-hand HiFi site in the United Kingdom?
Then you need to be on HiFi Forsale, we have a great dealer's advertising package for you,

see below for details:

As a registered dealer you would be able to place an unlimited number of second-hand/used and ex-demo ads on the site, relist them with a click of your mouse button, which will immediately put them back to the top of the latest ads page. Your ads will stay on the site until you sell them or you decide to remove them, you will have full control over your ads in "your admin".

Every ad you place on HiFi Forsale can be linked directly to the item for sale on your own site.
Your logo and banner will show up randomly all over the site, which if "clicked" will take the customer through to your own site.

You can supply your own logos and banners or I will create them for you at no extra charge. I can create a dealer’s page for you from the information I gather from your site, which would then be viewable in the ’find a dealer' section of the site.

We send out a newsletter every fortnight which has all our dealer’s logos on it and again are directly linked to your sites.

There are ad and logo stats in your admin so you can keep track of what's going on with them.

A button is available that when clicked will just present your ads.

**NEW Just added a Tweet button to the product information page, now you and other users can add your item to twitter for more exposure. I also regularly tweet ads myself.

I am always improving the site so there's sure to be more new features added as time goes by.

What's the cost you make think?

Just £300 per year that's the price of one logo in a magazine for 1 month.

Please do not hesitate in contacting us using the form or any of the contact details below if you have any other questions about joining us On HiFi Forsale.

TEL: 01179 781 316
MOBILE: 07789 393 917         
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