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Valve Power Amplifiers on HiFi Forsale
 ID 43544 Various Matched Pairs Output V...  SOLD 
Various makes-Mullards CVC's,4 EH's,etc.Also pair GEC TT100-pricey?

 ID 41481 Audio Note Kit One Wanted  SATISFIED 
Kit One years '90 Has two knobs on the right -volume /balance Condition not important- output transformers are

 ID 41463 Cary Audio 300b Signature Se  SOLD 
Great condition, 3 years old, original boxes, valves and paperwork. Single ended monoblocks

 ID 40998 Balanced Audio Technology B.a....  SOLD 
BAT VK60 Huge valve amp using 6C33C. I am told this type of valve was originally used in the Mig 25 foxbat fighters of the 1970s so they must be pretty robust. http://lampizator.eu/AMPLIFIERS/BAT/VK60...

 ID 40996 Leak Stereo 20  SOLD 
Leak Stereo 20 in very good working order. recently overhauled to a high standard. The paint is all original so has a few knocks here and there. just check the photos. Has original mullard valves. Sou...

 ID 40596 Goodsell Ma5 Tube Monoblocks 6...  £1300 
Lovely pair of Goodsell amps One in gold hammerite one in silver

 ID 37780 General Electric Vt4c Quad  SOLD 
Rare Quad of NOS VT4C in original military wooden packing crate (WW2 vintage). Checked in Homemade ongaku and sound great. Presently selling off my audio valve collection so more interesting tubes t...

 ID 54845 Audio Research Vt60  SOLD 
Owned from new with all original packaging, manual & certification. Recently serviced & re-valved with Gold Lion KT88 & Reflector Military Type. Valves alone cost £355. Will demon...

 ID 54024 Pro-ject Amp Box Rs (180wpc, V...  SOLD 
Purchased from an authorised dealer just a few months ago, offered here with a substantial saving from rrp £799. This Amplifier has a tube input buffer stage (2xECC88) to reference specification...

 ID 52854 Almarro A318b  SOLD 
Lovely Condition Almarro A318B 22w channel.Spare unused 6C33C tubes and RCA Black glass input tubes + spare others.Have original box and manual.Happy to demo with Tannoy Turnery speakers.Perfect worki...

 ID 51742 Avc Kt 88 Triode Connection In...  SOLD 
An AVC KT Triode Connection Integrated amp in good cosmetic condition and perfect working order. Pure class A. List price £1600. Very little use. KT88EH valves fitted Weight:22Kg so cash on coll...

 ID 51639 Mullard 6sn7gt Valves In Grey ...  SOLD 
A pair of 'New Old Stock' Mullard 6SN7GT Valves. Boxed and tested.

 ID 51623 Graaf Gm20 Otl  SOLD 
I know I will regret it, but my Graaf GM20 OTL power amp is for sale. It has been recently repaired by the person who was UKD’s authorised Graaf service guy. One of the big capacitors had to be ...

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