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Valve Power Amplifiers on HiFi Forsale
 ID 66858 Nightingale Armonia  £2250.00 inc VAT 
Nightingale Armonia valve integrated amplifier with solid state MM/MC phonostage. 20W Class A from four EL84 valves. The Nightingale Armonia is very musical sounding amplifier. Ex/Dem

 ID 66668 Vintage, Valve & Vinyl James ...  £1150 
Power Output 15 W per channel. Input sensitivity 800mV RMS

 ID 66667 Gate Se300  £2450 
GATE SE300 Monoblock Single Ended Power Amplifiers. Output power 10 W per channel. Input sensitivity 800mV RMS. Loudspeaker impedance 8 Ohms Audio note paper in oil coupling capacitors.

 ID 66635 Musicarch 300b Se  £1195 
Musicarch 300BSE integrated amplifier. This one is a Single Ended Triode. Hand built in the UK using all hard wiring and premium parts. Recently given a sparkling bill of health by Bernard at Maugha...

 ID 66514 Jj 300b  £320 
Matched quad (Hot Rox) of JJ 300Bs with Golden Dragon TR6 tube rings. Approx 2 years old but used for about 10 minutes so not run in!!! Supplied in factory boxes with specs/outputs etc all as new. P...

 ID 66129 Audio Note Ongaku  £39990 
Needs no introduction. This legendary amp is not for the feint hearted.

 ID 66105 World Audio Design Kel 80  £650 
These are an improved version of the WAD Kel 80 with Electro Harmonix EL 34 Valves giving 80 watts in to 8oms 160 in to 4oms. These amps come with the complete schematics and the original magazine th...

 ID 65823 John Wood Audio Kt88 Monoblock...  £1800 
KT88 Power Amps x 2 (£1800) - AB fixed bias circa 100w per amp - 1 RCA input - 4ohm and 8 ohm speaker taps - Power switch - 1 x JJ ECC81 - 1 x USSR military spec 1970s N...

 ID 65813 Musicarch Cat's Whiskers -...  £POA 
Musicarch Cat's Whiskers - 300B SET Valve Monoblock Power Amplifiers - Pre owned RRP: £9,995 Date of Manufacture : 2014. Condition : 9/10. Boxes : Yes, original wooden crates and interna...

 ID 65797 Welbourne Labs Drd Terraplane ...  £1100 
300B SET Monoblocks at 8W per channel. Included with KR Audio 300B tubes. Solid State PS10 power supplies and WBT speaker binding posts and phono plugs fitted. Collection only.

 ID 65404 Croft Series 3sa Otl Mono Bloc...  £2000 
Superb Sound. Very rare to find these in Mono Blocks. Never seen another pair for sale. 75 watts a channel. Only serviced by Glenn Croft. Self Bias. Orginal PL519 valves low hours(10 000hr lifespan on...

 ID 65390 Mcintosh Mc 275 Mk Iv  £2995 
There is no description required, we all know how good these valve amps are. Will have Svetlana KT88's as fitted or optional GEC for an additional £750: KT88 TUBES - MATCHED QUAD SET OF 197...

 ID 64979 Golden Tube Audio Se 85  £1999 
Special Offer Equipment View: Golden Tube Audio > SE 85 Product: SE 85 Manufacturer: Golden Tube Audio Description: NOS brand new never been opened immaculate iconic valve amplifier Comm...

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