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 ID 102353 REIMYO COMBAK CDT 777 &AM...  £5250
Top level tuned Reimyo Transport & Dac combination. Just outstanding. The Dac has the K2 processor from JVC studios. It’s just sublime to use and most importantly in performance. ...
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 ID 102350 ISOTEK ORION 8 WAY  £375
This was the top line Isotek filtering mains trailing socket. 8 uk sockets - 2 high current sockets for amplifiers and 6 others for sources. Comes in original Box. Owned from new and was used with a...
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Harmonix Studio Master power cable 1M with US plug. Very rarely seen second hand for a reason. Reviews will tell you all you need to know. A power cable used in fine High End Home & Studios appli...
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 ID 99985 MERIDIAN 500  £450
Meridian 500 mk2 Transport - fully functional transport for any dac stage mid to high end - still excellent. Has AES/EBU & Spdif Outputs. Comes with new spare Phillips laser assembly for peace of...
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 ID 99984 MERIDIAN 565  £300
Meridian Pre, Dac & Surround Processor. Boxed with accessories. Have an MSR remote for sale too. Also a matching 500 transport.
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 ID 99983 CUSTOM DESIGN KEF LS50 OF...  £175
Black official LS50 stands. They do work brilliantly in tandem with the LS50 and other stand mounts too. I purchased these new with a pair of matching LS50’s but have hardly used them - my L...
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  1 - 6 of 6 Ads

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