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1 set of 3 CeraPucs in original box. Excellent condition.
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 ID 80908 EXPOSURE MC XXVI  £495
ASK FOR MORE PHOTOS.This is a rare opportunity to own a true high end phonostage for low cost, and comes with a highend Furutech internal fuse fitted FOC.(worth £41) Mint condition NO Scrat...
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 ID 80825 LDA 15-18 VOLT DC 15/18VO...  £120
Power supply, with regulated power supply to 15,16,17or18volts DC for M2Tech DAC, ETC..Truly mint.......boxed as new, never used. Price includes postage
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 ID 80679 HI DIAMOND POWER 2  £225
1 X 1.5m length of the Power 2 mains cable but fitted with a Furutech silver UK plug(cost new £100)...brilliant cable nearly as good as Virtual Dynamics Master) I also have a Furutech Fi28 IEC ...
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 ID 80678 HRS NIMBUS FOOTERS(080S)  £95
I have 1 set of 3 Nimbus footers to go underneath your Amplifier/Pre-amp/CD player etc, they also work brilliantly under a heavy SUB. These are 080s with seperate couplers that are the same dimensions...
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PLEASE PHONE FOR PHOTOs.1.5m length of Titan Tyco in excellent condition, I have upgraded this cable and fitted a Furutech Fi 25 IEC and a Synergistic SR Blue fuse included in the price. I also have a...
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  1 - 6 of 6 Ads

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