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 ID 76661 Ortofon Rondo Bronze  SOLD 
Ortofon Rondo Bronze was the top of the range Ortofon cartridge in the early 2000s. I bought this one as a backup to my five SPU cartdges, mainly because I really like the Urushi lacquer finish. It is...

 ID 76606 Dynavector Drt X1vs  SOLD 
Low hours under 200 boxed and sounding wonderful the dr t xv1s is one of the worlds greatest cartridges sold originally by ourselves

 ID 76063 Linn Troika  SOLD 
Rebuilt and new stylus July 2019 by Goldring. Sounds fabulous, just as a Troika should, and just played 8 sides to check sound quality.

 ID 75854 Heed Zane Mc Cartridge  SOLD 
As new, no hours, boxed. (Same as Benz Micro)

 ID 75802 Koetsu Black K  SOLD 
Mint condition, low hours

 ID 75496 My Sonic Labs Eminent Ex  SOLD 
Mint and boxed, with around 300hrs use since new. A lovely cartridge with a very slightly darker character than the top MY Sonic’s, but very emotionally involving.

 ID 75381 Nagaoka Mp 500  SOLD 
Excellent cartridge approx 200 hours use. £800 new

 ID 75370 Benz Micro Lp  SOLD 
Beautiful cartridge approx hours less than 500 always cleaned after use original box paperwork and spirit level.

 ID 75084 Ortofon 2m Blue Mm Cartridge  SOLD 
Ortofon 2M Blue MM Cartridge RRP: £184 Our Price: £95 Original presentation box and manual Only 50-60 hours of play. 100% perfect. As new in every regard. Superb o...

 ID 75080 Benz Micro Glider L2 Low Output  SOLD 
Benz Micro Glider L2 Low Output RRP: £895 Our Price: £460 Original presentation box. Original factory calibration certificate. Output : 0.42mV Serial Number : 210...

 ID 74993 Nagaoka Mp300  SOLD 
I'm selling my Nagaoka Mp300 stylus as I've upgraded to the Mp500, This stylus has about 30 hours use, If that, It has been well maintained and is in perfect working condition. Please note th...

 ID 74641 Benz Micro Gold Mc Cart Gold Mc  SOLD 
Benz micro mc only used aprox 8hrs used as a spare back up for a shiraz cart no competition to harsh for me comes with box tools and instructions post not included

 ID 74459 Audio Technica Art-1000 Cartridge Ex Demo  SOLD 
Ex Dem Audio Technica ART-1000 This will be available very soon as it is now nearly 3 years old and currently has a timed 27 hours, meaning it has at least 973 hours before rebuild time and if look...

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