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Cartridges & Styluses on HiFi Forsale
 ID 63838 Linn K18  SOLD 
Whilst not having any history it has been play tested and sounds great. No original packaging nor guard.

 ID 63041 Shure V -15 Type 2 Cartridge  SOLD 
Came with Thorens 125 which is also for sale. Removed at purchase 10 years ago. Not used since except to test now,works fine. Original box paperwork and fittings all included

 ID 62945 Linn Klyde B Cartridge (preo...  SOLD 
No history but in excellent condition. Includes guard and original packaging. S/N 6385

 ID 62610 Lyra Delos  SOLD 
Fantastic cartridge that I'll be sad to see go but just acquired a low hours Akiva. For the last 9 months its been fitted to my Aro / LP12. Bought it from the original owner with only 200 hr...

 ID 62598 Goldring 1042 Cartridge  SOLD 
Excellent cartridge used lightly on a Thorens 125 which is also for sale. ADC headshell £40 if required,it's a perfect match .

 ID 62543 Audio Technica Vm740ml  SOLD 
Special Offer Equipment View: Audio Technica > VM740ML Product: VM740ML Manufacturer: Audio Technica Description: only a few weeks old less than 10 hrs use MM cartridge Comments: highl...

 ID 62319 Audio Note Iq1  SOLD 
Excellent condition had very hours maybe 50 at a push. Used as a stop gap to get my vinyl up and running

 ID 62244 Audio Technica At 440 Mlb  SOLD 
I have an Audio Technica Cartridge AT440 Mlb, High end MM, very lightly used. Available for collection from Slough or I can post. Comes with all original packaging and tools. Frequency Response 20-25...

 ID 61927 Dynavector Karat D2  SOLD 
Low output MC has been rettiped with only about 12 hours use.

 ID 61715 Linn Troika Cartridge (ref 012...  SOLD 
No history but in excellent condition. SQ is great. Includes guard but no packaging. Will be shipped securely.

 ID 61614 Nagaoka Mp-500 Mp500 Mm Moving...  SOLD 
Excellent condition, used for about 30 hours on a Gyrodec (probably less to be honest), on RCM cleaned vinyl, so great condition. Sounds sublime.

 ID 61482 Ortofon Cadenza Black Mc Phono...  SOLD 
Ortofon Cadenza Black MC Phono Cartridge Ex Dem RRP: £1,825 Around 300 hours use. Original packing and internal cartridge carrier, headshell screws etc. Perfect condition. P...

 ID 61366 Nagaoki Mp 110 Cartridge  SOLD 
Nagaoki MP 110 Cartridge This is the successor to the highly acclaimed and classic Nagaoka MP-11 phono cartridge. The new Nagaoka MP-110 phono cartridge extends and strengthens its predecessor's ...

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