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Cartridges & Styluses on HiFi Forsale
 ID 49145 Benz Micro Wood S L Cartridge ...  SOLD 
Benz Micro Wood S L Cartridge pre owned RRP: £1,095 Original box and packaging All accessories included SN. 40017 Cartridge in excellent condition! Only 13 months old. A highly involvin...

 ID 49121 Project 2m Blue Mm  SOLD 
Little used mm cartridge.I am going over to an mc cartridge .It is in very good condition.Yes it really is only £50

 ID 49003 Koetsu Rosewood Signature Modi...  SOLD 
A totally rebuilt koetsu by Dom Harper at northwest analogue now 10months since rebuild and 250hrs use full paper work of work done available if you need more details phone me on 07885978958

 ID 48909 Ortofon Cadenza Red Moving Coi...  SOLD 
This cartridge is in excellent condition. . It has been used for approximately 100 hours and was installed in a second turntable on an SME M 2-9 Tonearm (also for sale). The stylus is in as new ...

 ID 48785 Benz Micro Mc Gold Cartridge E...  SOLD 
Benz Micro MC Gold Cartridge Ex-demo RRP: £325 Original box and packaging Spirit level, screw driver and stylus brush included Condition "like new" - only had a few hours use ...

 ID 48710 Dynavector Dv20x2l  SOLD 
Low output version 2 1/2 years old I purchased from new, used in SME V from new with 500 hours use. Still sounds good, selling to fund upgrade. Original packaging & instructions but lost stylus gu...

 ID 48367 Grace F9-e  SOLD 
Rare and wonderful Grace F9-E MM cartridge, acknowledged by so many as one of the very best MM cartridges ever made. Check the rave reviews on the net. Mine is in superb condition, having been very we...

 ID 48355 Benz Wood Sl  SOLD 
Benz Wood SL low output MC cartridge. Less than 50 hrs use, have upgraded. All boxed and ready to go. Cost new £1095.00

 ID 47888 Dynavector Dv20hx  SOLD 
Dynavector cartridge; selling due to upgrade

 ID 47816 Koetsu Black Goldline  SOLD 
Bought this ex-dem Koetsu Black Goldline just a few weeks ago to play-off against my Benz Gullwing. It has under 100 hours on it and is absolutely immaculate. I was expecting the Black to be warm and ...

 ID 47795 Golfing Elekra  SOLD 
IN good condition with box but no fixing bolts or stylus guard

 ID 47749 Goldring 2100  SOLD 
Goldring's excellent award winning moving magnet cartridge Excellent condition Purchased new by me and with very low hours use Complete with all original box, manual, bolts, allen key ...

 ID 47453 Koetsu Urushi Sky Blue  SOLD 
I am selling my 2013 Koetsu as I accidentally damaged the stylus which requires retipping so I am inviting realistic offers . The cartridge condition before the damage occurred was in near mint and p...

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