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Cartridges & Styluses on HiFi Forsale
 ID 61715 Linn Troika Cartridge (ref 012...  SOLD 
No history but in excellent condition. SQ is great. Includes guard but no packaging. Will be shipped securely.

 ID 61614 Nagaoka Mp-500 Mp500 Mm Moving...  SOLD 
Excellent condition, used for about 30 hours on a Gyrodec (probably less to be honest), on RCM cleaned vinyl, so great condition. Sounds sublime.

 ID 61482 Ortofon Cadenza Black Mc Phono...  SOLD 
Ortofon Cadenza Black MC Phono Cartridge Ex Dem RRP: £1,825 Around 300 hours use. Original packing and internal cartridge carrier, headshell screws etc. Perfect condition. P...

 ID 61366 Nagaoki Mp 110 Cartridge  SOLD 
Nagaoki MP 110 Cartridge This is the successor to the highly acclaimed and classic Nagaoka MP-11 phono cartridge. The new Nagaoka MP-110 phono cartridge extends and strengthens its predecessor's ...

 ID 61355 Audio Note Uk Iq 1  SOLD 
Excellent cartridge very little use less than 50 hours if that.

 ID 61272 Lyra Etna Rrp £5895  SOLD 
Brand New in Manufacturers Sealed Box. RRP £5895 Hands-down one of the most superb- and lifelike-sounding phono cartridges ever made, the Lyra Etna MC phono cartridge uses unique engineering ...

 ID 61016 Koetsu Red Signature  SOLD 
Very light use mint condition with box

 ID 60779 Linn Adikt Cartridge (15hr Sty...  SOLD 
In excellent condition and good working order. As new stylus with only 15 hours play. Whilst not having the guard or original packaging it will be packed securely.

 ID 60745 Audio Technica Oc9 Iii  SOLD 
Little used due to upgrade, maybe 200 hrs at best on this. Great sound for the price. No offers please this is very reasonable as it is, and will include UK post.

 ID 60477 Shure Shure V15iii With Jico S...  SOLD 
In very good condition. While there is no history there are plenty of hours left in this cartridge/stylus. Include stylus packaging only

 ID 59969 Linn Adikt Moving Magnet Cartr...  SOLD 
In excellent condition and good working order. I don't have any history on this other than it was installed on a high end Ekos/ Kore LP12. Whilst not having the guard or original packaging it ...

 ID 59557 Koetsu Black Goldline Moving C...  SOLD 
Koetsu Black Goldline Moving Coil Cartridge Pre Owned RRP: £1,998 Supplied with original box and stylus guard. Fully tested and working beautifully - only 200-300 hours so hardly run-...

 ID 58804 Lyra Dorian (last Fitted To Ek...  SOLD 
In good working order but probably in its twilight years. I don't have any history on this cartridge as it came with a turntable I bought recently. I don't have the original packaging but ...

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