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Cartridges & Styluses on HiFi Forsale
 ID 55359 Miyajima Madake  SOLD 
Miyajima Madake top of the range moving coil cartridge with approach 100 hrs perfect condition with box can demonstrate

 ID 55247 Linn Kandid  SOLD 
7 months old. Boxed and receipt . Light use!

 ID 55170 Decca London Super Gold  SOLD 
Decca London Super Gold moving iron cartridge. Latest version with extended line contact stylus and four connector pins. A superb performer having a breathtaking lifelike quality once set up correctly...

 ID 55039 Linn Arkiv  SOLD 
Plenty of life left in this classic cartridge

 ID 54806 Audio Note Io Gold  SOLD 
For sale is my Audio Note IO Gold, this was rebuilt top to bottom by Audio Note 18 months ago. It was used for 40 hours and then boxed as I had house move etc. I have now purchased an IO Ltd, so I a...

 ID 54137 Van En Hul Colibri Xgw  SOLD 
As new with original box and specifications.

 ID 53965 Ortofon Cadenza Black  SOLD 
Ortofon Cadenza black MC cartridge. In as new condition with less than 60 hours use. Upgrading to MC Anna. Boxed with all original accessories

 ID 53067 Ortofon Mc Windfeld  SOLD 
Excellent condition with approximately 300 hours use of anticipated 2000 hours tip life. Records cleaned with wet vacuum system. In original packing with tools, mounting screws and manual. Cost £...

 ID 52925 Zyx R50 Bloom H  SOLD 
I bought this cartridge from authorized UK dealer in November last year , it's been used for 135 hours of play time . Cartridge recently went to main distributor for a health check and came back ...

 ID 52852 Ortofon Anna Mc  SOLD 
Ortofon MC Anna xdemo 100 hrs use was 5499

 ID 52603 Grace F-9e High Output Mm Cart...  SOLD 
Grace F-9E High Output MM Cartridge - Pre owned RRP: £987 No original box but a suitable one provided Excellent condition - fully checked, tested and working perfectly. Sr. 11186

 ID 52238 Koetsu Black  SOLD 
Linn basic deck with Akito arm and Koetsu black cartridge. Moving Coil. Decks is from early 2000s Catridge added 2010 , had 3 months light use from new , then has been in storage since Price is...

 ID 51412 Benz Micro Gold Mc Cartridge P...  SOLD 
Benz Micro Gold MC Cartridge Pre owned RRP: £295 No box and packaging but a suitable one provided In excellent condition The entry models to the Benz Micro line provide the musical...

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