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Cartridges & Styluses on HiFi Forsale
 ID 62319 Audio Note Iq1  £250 
Excellent condition had very hours maybe 50 at a push. Used as a stop gap to get my vinyl up and running

 ID 62133 Van En Hul Colibri Xgw  £2490 
As new with original box and specifications.

 ID 62070 Linn Klyde B Cartridge (preo...  £285 
No history but in excellent condition. Includes guard and original packaging. S/N 6385

 ID 61927 Dynavector Karat D2  £400 
Low output MC has been rettiped with only about 12 hours use.

 ID 61789 Linn Akiva. Very Low Hours  £1250 
Linn Akiva cartridge. Rare example with low hours (estimated to around 50 hours usage). Approx 8 Years old with one previous owner. Second choice cartridge that remain in storage for many years. ...

 ID 61715 Linn Troika Cartridge (ref 012...  £350 
No history but in excellent condition. SQ is great. Includes guard but no packaging. Will be shipped securely.

 ID 61609 Van Den Hul Crimson  £2095 
Stunning Crimson Cartridge, as new, barely 50 hours use. Serviced by VdH prior to sale.

 ID 61539 Heed Zane Mc Cartridge  £SOLD 
As new, no hours, boxed. (Same as Benz Micro)

 ID 61482 Ortofon Cadenza Black Mc Phono...  £890 
Ortofon Cadenza Black MC Phono Cartridge Ex Dem RRP: £1,825 Around 300 hours use. Original packing and internal cartridge carrier, headshell screws etc. Perfect condition. P...

 ID 61345 Wilson Benesch Matrix  £550 
Wilson Benesch Matrix Cartridge is a modified Benz Glider which improves on the Benz and is ideally suited to Wilson Benesch arms. This Cartridge was rebuilt by Benz and has had less than 150hrs use ...

 ID 61230 Benz Micro Mc1  £120 
Benz Micro MC1 Moving Coil Cartridge, first class condition

 ID 60793 Ortofon 2m Black (stylus Only...  £125 
Im selling my 2M Black Stylus. The reason its for sale is that I prefer the 2M Bronze. I bought this brand new from Practical HiFi many years ago and its been used sparingly on my best turntable. ...

 ID 60745 Audio Technica Oc9 Iii  £225 
Little used due to upgrade, maybe 200 hrs at best on this. Great sound for the price. No offers please this is very reasonable as it is, and will include UK post.

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