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Speaker Stands on HiFi Forsale
 ID 72607 Zingali Naples  £100 
Solid MDF construction. Top platform 115mm wide by 270mm deep, base 315mm wide by 390mm deep. 600mm high. Metal inserts for spikes in base.

 ID 72148 Atacama Hms2 Reference  £125 
Supplied as a pair.The Atacama HMS 2 (High Mass Stand 2) was developed with the co-operation and expertise of ProAc, one of Britain’s most highly respected speaker manufacturers and features a l...

 ID 71840 Townshend Audio Vsss Speaker C...  £475.00 
Townshend Audio VSSS Speaker Cradles One pair of the superb, original TownshendAudio VSSS speaker cradles in very good condition. Internal dimensions for each speaker is 290mm wide x 480mm deep....

 ID 71665 Soundstyle Speaker Stands  £60 
Excellent condition stands. Also have matching CD rotating stand

 ID 70825 M.a.f 15”  £70 
Highly regarded stands . They’re actually 16” with the spikes fitted . Filled and very heavy

 ID 69734 Russ Andrews Torlyte Speaker P...  £200.00 
Russ Andrews Torlyte Speaker Plats These platforms are designed for floor standing speakers. This pair measure 375w x 260d x 100h (mm). They improved imaging, bass and treble performance with my floo...

 ID 60001 Atacama Spike Shoes  SOLD 
These were bought for my son who decided to use nothing under his speaker stands. They are like new except the packaging is yellowing a little because they have been in my spares box for quite a while...

 ID 59307 Aurelia Saphira  SOLD 
Technical specifications Operational principle 2-way bass reflex Tweeter element 25 mm titanium, ECW Bass element 4 x 140 mm DDC Crossover frequency 1800 Hz Impedance 6 ohm Sensitivity 90 dB Fr...

 ID 58356 Atacama 3 Column  SOLD 
Atacama 3 tier steel speaker stands in black. 61cm high. Top plate:14.5cmx18. 30cnx25 overall base size. Strong and sturdy with removable spiked feet.

 ID 56431 Wharfedale Jade  SOLD 
1 pair Wharfedale Jade speaker stands in matt black.Large central pillar is fillable.Adjustable all floor feet.Footprint = 48x30 cms,top plate=30x17cms.Very strong very robust speaker stands.Immaculat...

 ID 55647 Target Speaker Stands  SOLD 
Target speaker stands 24" tall. Used with my Harbeth P3ESR but suitable for any similar monitor.

 ID 49911 Soundstyle Standard  SOLD 
Gloss Black Soundstyle Speaker Stands 600mm high. One of the threaded spike inserts underneath is missing on one of the stands a simple fix hence the low price.

 ID 48053 Speaker Stands(maf) 15"he...  SOLD 
15"heavy duty,4 pillar, filled speaker stands-(black)(MAF type (as used by Audio Note for 'A/N-Js at Hi Fi shows.Can be used for any larger standmount speaker, with very good effect.( £...

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