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Valve Pre Amplifiers on HiFi Forsale
 ID 74518 Korato 10th Anniversary Refere...  £1,590 
Korato 10th Anniversary Reference Pre Amplifier + 2 x PSU Preowned Our Price: £1,590 A quite superb Valve Reference Pre Amplifier from the designers at Korato. Finished in brushed aluminium...

 ID 74500 Ear Yoshino 834l  £550 
EAR Yoshino 834L Line Stage Preamplifier Specifications Input sensitivity for 1 volt output: 200 mV (0.2 volt) Maximum output: 30 Volt Noise (un-weighted): -80 dB (IHF) Five line inputs plus tape...

 ID 74130 Audio Research Ref 5se   
I have a silver Ref 5se and am looking to purchase (or exchange) for black faceplate, handles, knobs ans switches.

 ID 74011 Icon Audio Ps1 Mk2 Mm And Mc  £850 
Reduced to £850 Icon Audio PS1 MK2 MM and MC. In Original box and in excellent condition. “High-end” Pure Valve Introduced in 2005 the PS1 has proved to be one of our best s...

 ID 69958 Vtl Tl2.5  £1999 
Special Offer Equipment View: VTL > TL 2.5 Product: TL 2.5 Manufacturer: VTL Description: super stereo valve preamplifier balanced and single ended Comments: boxed with manuals TSP: ...

 ID 69634 Expessive Technologies Model 1...  £7999 
Special Offer Equipment View: Expressive Technologies > Model 1 Product: Model 1 Manufacturer: Expressive Technologies Description: Quite possibly the best ever valve phono preamplifier e...

 ID 68221 Audio Research Sp9-mk Iii Full...  £1200 
Audio Research SP9-MK III Full upgrades and new valves with MC input £1295 If purchased with EAR Power amplifiers as a package deal £5995

 ID 67304 Conrad Johnson Gat2  £22995 
Special Offer Equipment View: Conrad-Johnson > GAT2 Product: GAT2 Manufacturer: Conrad-Johnson Description: state of Art valve line stage xdemo in immaculate condition Comments: boxed ...

 ID 62750 Heart Control Pre-amp   
Wanted: remote sensor and handset for Heart control pre-amp.

 ID 60749 World Audi Design Psu, Pre Ii,...  SOLD 
World Audio Designs PRE 2, PHONO 2 & t PSU - Heavily Modded Built from a WAD kit but subsequently heavily modified - almost everything that could be upgraded has been, using high-end components...

 ID 53243 Glassware Audio Design John Br...  SOLD 
John Broskie Glassware Audio Design Aikido ACF 9 Pin kit (buffer) This is a DIY kit which has not been built or used in any way, it is still in the sealed bags that it arrived in. Includes the ...

 ID 50654 Amperex Ecc88 Bugle Boy Halo G...  SOLD 
Pair of tubes Amperex Ecc88 Bugle Boy from 1960 year.Very little used and strong. The same codes on both tubes.

 ID 41462 Cary Audio Slp98l  SOLD 
Great condition, 3 years old, tage only. Capacitor upgraded to Jensen. Original box, paperwork and valves

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