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HiFi Mains/Power Accessories on HiFi Forsale
 ID 59414 Furutech Fi-50m Ac Power Conne...  £100 
The Furutech FI-50M is the best quality US plug available at any price, featuring alpha treated rhodium plated pins and a carbon fibre anti-resonant shell. American AC plugs do not use fuses and th...

 ID 59339 Hifi Tuning Supreme Fuse 5a 20...  £18 
HiFi Tuning Supreme Fuse 5a 20mm Pre owned RRP: £34 Slow Blow (T) In excellent condition Fully tested and working perfectly.

 ID 59338 Synergistic Research Red Fuse ...  £50 
Synergistic Research Red Fuse 5a 20mm Ex demo RRP: £70 Slow Blow (T) Original box and packing "Like new" condition Synergistic Research Red Fuses employ a speciall...

 ID 59158 Audio Note Isis Mains Lead  £150 
A 1.5 metre audio note isis mains lead

 ID 59156 Isotk Elite  £100 
2 isotek elite mains cables each 1.5 metres long £100 each

 ID 59028 Hidiamond Hdx2 5 Power Distrib...  £999 
HiDiamond HDX2 5 Power Distributor Regular Price £1,460.00 Sale Price £999 *Ex-Review* High-performance power distributor.

 ID 59022 Amr Fuse  £10 
I have one 2.5A 32 x 6mm internal fuse for sale. Mint condition, mainly used in Nth American equipment. Fast Blow type. Price includes postage.

 ID 59017 Mk 13a Plug  £10 
MK 13A UK mains plug, gold plated pins, never used. Surplus to requirements. Price includes postage.

 ID 58921 Ps Audio Power Port - Usa Styl...  £25 
PS Audio Power Port USA Style Brand New RRP: £45 The Power Port Classic is our AV Grade high-end AC receptacle that is the starting point for any properly built system. By installing the Power...

 ID 58565 Entreq Olympus Tellus  £4250 
Rare opportunity to obtain this ultimate level grounding box by Entreq

 ID 58564 Isotek Evo3 Aquarius  £890 
Unused, boxed and complete,black, mint condition.

 ID 58553 Audience Ar8 Tss Adept Respons...  £3990 
8 way power conditioner, with Teflon and S upgrade

 ID 58540 Tice Audio Solo  £200 
Tice Solo- AV power conditioner. 8 Way US sockets grouped in 3 circuits; 2x Digital Source, 4x Analogue Source & 2 Power Amplifiers See our NEW WEB SITE: www.choicehifi.co.uk

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