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Rogers Quad Cadet III 44
Details & Specifications
QUAD44 mk1 (with unused moving coil and tape modules - both unused and boxed)

Rogers Cadet 3 stero amp with 5 spare Mullard on spec ECL86s + RCA output to preamp

I read recently a 44/405 review, extolling its virtues and shortcomings and the vastly improved Mk2/405.

Anyone who thinks the 405 was a great amp knows zip about hifi, or is in deafness denial.

The 405 and its successors were misrepresented.

QUAD should have called it Crap Dumping Technology, but they would have sold less to the gullible, uninformed and deaf hifi addicks. But never mind the kwality - feel the width, or the base (sic) or whatever gets you off.

I have had QUAD11s & QUAD valv...   read more

Manufacturer  Rogers Quad
Model  Cadet III 44
Condition 10/10
Accept payment by bank fast payment
Will send by pickup or send by your choice
Will send to world wide
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Tel 07478008294
ad insertion date 24:03:2020
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