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Integrated Valve Amplifiers on HiFi Forsale
 ID 67888 Unison Research Sinfonia Anniv...  £2750 
Single ended class A valve amp. 14 months old great condition. Upgraded anniversary edition with Golden Lion valves. Not used much.

 ID 67883 Morgan Audio Deva 500 Valve Pr...  £500 
After a lot of thought I've decided to have a clearout of equipment. This sale is for my much loved Morgan Audio Deva 500 Valve Pre and Solid State Power Amp Combination. These were built fo...

 ID 67851 Auris Fortino 6550 Integrated ...  £2990 
Auris Fortino 6550 Integrated Amplifier Ex demo RRP: £4,285 Original box and packaging Remote Control User Manual Condition: one hairline split to wood - top right hand si...

 ID 67247 Cayin Mt-35 Mk2 El34 Tube Ampl...  £890 
Cayin MT-35 Mk2 EL34 Tube Amplifier Ex display RRP: £1,150 Original box and packaging User Manual Condition : As new Amp has never been used, display model only. Type...

 ID 67102 Octave V40se Integrated Amplif...  £2690 
Octave V40SE Integrated Amplifier Only 17 Months Old RRP: £4,461 Satin Aluminium Finish. Supplied with Original Box, Packing, Remote Control (costed option), Power Lead, Manual and ...

 ID 67097 Trafomatic Audio Experience Tw...  £1890 
Trafomatic Audio Experience Two 300B Integrated Preowned RRP: £3,000 Great condition Original Box and Packing

 ID 67095 Mastersound Evolution Referenc...  £4750 
Mastersound Evolution 845 Reference Integrated Amplifier Pre owned RRP: £11,495 Selling for £4,750 Mastersound Evolution 845 Reference Integrated. Mains Cable and Manual. ...

 ID 67079 Audion Sterling El34 Valve Int...  £725 
Audion Sterling EL34 Integrated Valve Amp in great condition. Bought from Audio Counsel (Diggle) in summer 2014 from new. It's only had fairly light use given live gets in the way of music listeni...

 ID 66899 Ariand Auklet-88 Integrated Pr...  £1190 
Ariand Auklet-88 Integrated Preowned RRP: £2,190 Excellent condition Remote Control Original box and packaging Specifications Tubes: 4x KT88 / 6x 12AU7 / ECC82 / 2x 1...

 ID 66786 Vincent Sv236  £730 
Vincent Sv236 Integrated Amplifier In Excellent Condition With Remote Control . And Chord Superscreen Mains Cable 1m Mains Cable Cost £70 ...

 ID 66310 Unison Research S6  £1500 
Ex demo Unison Research s6 integrated amplifier with cherry wood front panel. 6xEL34 triode wired 35 w/channel. Warm triode sound with reasonable power. Remote and box included. I have had the amp a f...

 ID 66118 Octave V70se  £1950 
Octave V70SE integrated valve amplifier and black box power supply upgrade, both in silver. I may regret this, but I have decided to try active speakers, which means there is now an opportunity to pu...

 ID 66108 Audiromy Rm-288  £350 
This amp has some good reviews on the Internet all I can say is it won't dissapoint it has Golden Dragon El 34 valves. It has at least 50watts rms of valve output.

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