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Headphones on HiFi Forsale
 ID 68986 Shure Srh 1840  £260 
Little used and I now have too many pairs of headphones and need to rationalise. Good transparent and dynamic sounding headphones.

 ID 68965 Flares Pro  £125 
FLARES® PRO. "The wireless earphones that produce sound quality so high, it's like listening to every track for the first time. " The Earphones are complete as purchased and have ...

 ID 68865 Sennheiser Hd 630vb Headphones...  £190 
Sennheiser HD 630VB Headphones Preowned RRP: £429 Excellent condition - like new Original box and packaging 3.5mm > 6.3mm Jack Included Product Information On the go o...

 ID 68629 Sennheiser Hd800  £650 
My pair of headphones owned from new. Only 12 months old and hardly used, hence in A1 condition. Complete with all packaging and box.

 ID 68332 Sennheiser Hd800s Headphones E...  £1150 
Sennheiser HD800S Headphones Ex Demo RRP: £1,399 Original Box and Packing. Ex-demo only months old. Condition : Only one very small mark on packing box lid - headphones absolut...

 ID 68309 Focal Utopia  £2500 
Less than 6 months old in pristine condition with less than 20 hours of home use - not even burned in yet! Complete with original case (also pristine). New price is now £3495!

 ID 67724 Motorhead Phones Iron Fist  £40 
I've got a pair of Motorhead Phones Iron Fist headphones for sale. Specifications: 68 Ohms @ 1kHz, 102 dB, 244g, 10-20,000 Hz, 40mm diametre neodymium speakers. They come with 2 different lengt...

 ID 67471 Cardas Clear Hd800  £350.00 
Cardas Clear HD800 cable, 2 x 3-pin gold XLR, 3m length. Immaculate, as new condition. Just 1 month old and very little use. From a smoke, child and pet free home. Complete with original packaging and...

 ID 66719 Sony Dr-11  £100 
Collectable Superb Modernist designed headphones ,Vol/stereo bass/treble controls

 ID 66581 Denon Ah-d2000  £Offers 
I'm open to sensible offers for a good condition boxed pair of the highly rated AH-D2000s. They’ve had very little use as I've moved up to the much more expensive Audio Technica ATH-W5...

 ID 66342 Sennheiser Hd800  £620 
Sennheiser HD800, in perfect working order and for the most part in good cosmetic condition, headband and earpads are perfect but there is a few small paint chips but they are very small, if you would...

 ID 66106 Klipsch Status  £45 
These Headphones are really comfortable to wear and have a nice weighty sound but the common fault with this model is headband is prone to breaking. As has happened to this set however they have be...

 ID 65861 Sony Pfr V1  £400 
Sony personal head speakers with inline amplifier very rare boxed as new

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