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CD players on HiFi Forsale
 ID 62696 Audio Note Cdt Zero 2 And Dac ...  SOLD 
Nearly new Aluminium Audio Note CD Transport Zero 2 with remote and DAC 0.1x. Both Boxed and very well looked after. **Now reduced to £1800**

 ID 62686 Micromega Classic Data Cd Tran...  SOLD 
Micromega Classic Data CD Transport & Classic Dialog DAC Pre owned This is the legendary Data Transport and Dialog DAC from Micromega. With sublime layering and texture, and a gorgeous control...

 ID 62641 Meridian 206b  SOLD 
Private sale of Meridian 206b. This Meridian player was purchased new by me back in 1991 for £970. This is a bit stream model and I believe was the DAC5 version. Player is in immaculate conditi...

 ID 62429 Cyrus Cd 6se Black  SOLD 
Cyrus CD 6SE Black Price £225 Cyrus CD players are, by their nature, relatively expensive components but once you have made the investment you have gained a player performing at the very top ...

 ID 62411 Mbl C15 Corona Line Monoblocks...  SOLD 
MBL C15 Corona Line Monoblocks New in 2016 RRP: £20,760 User Manual Mains leads In quite perfect condition - as new. Original box and packing Due to arrive August 20...

 ID 62394 Esoteric K05  SOLD 
Esoteric k05 in very good condition. Bought new in 2015. Manufactured in 2014. Remote control, manual, original power lead & original box/packaging.

 ID 62388 Roksan Rok Dp1 Transport, Rok ...  SOLD 
Roksan ROK DP1 Transport, DA1 DAC and DS1 DAC PSU. Includes MCRU umbilical for connecting DS1 to DA1

 ID 62362 Arcam Fmj Cds27 Sacd Cd Player...  SOLD 
Getting rid of this astonishing device as I'm slimming down my HiFi systems. I really love it and everything it can do but my interest lies more with my vintage equipment and I find I'm simply...

 ID 62325 Roksan Blak Cd Player  SOLD 
We have this preowned Roksan BLAK CD Player in Charcoal. It is in excellent condition which can be seen in the pictures attached. It comes with the original the original box/packaging, remote control,...

 ID 62172 Pioneer D9 Cd Sacd Player  SOLD 
Don't be put off by the brand. This is a very competent CD/SACD player, built like a battleship and weighs a tonne. Pioneer's very successful attempt at re-entering the world of hi-fi, aft...

 ID 62124 Cyurs Xt2 Cd Transport  SOLD 
I'm selling my Cyrus XT2 cd transport because I don't use it so much now. I listen to vinyl and streaming and less and less to cd, besides I already have 2 other cd players. Will demo connec...

 ID 62038 Avi Laboratory Series  SOLD 
Award winning AVI Laboratory Series CD Player. Excellent condition. Sweet sounding. Digital outputs don’t seem to be working, analogues are fine. Twin Wolfson 24 bit/192 kHz WM8740 DACs so n...

 ID 61974 Naim Audio Cdx2  SOLD 
Special Offer Equipment View: Naim Audio > CDX2 Product: CDX2 Manufacturer: Naim Audio Description: 2007 cd player with remote cables and manual in very good condition Comments: TSP:...

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