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Audio Video Processors on HiFi Forsale
 ID 72343 Linn Exotik +da  £450 
Later renamed “Akurate Kontrol” by Linn. This Linn Exotik +DA pre-amplifier/ surround sound processor is in excellent condition and in perfect working order including display and front pa...

 ID 71861 Rotel Rsp-1069  £165 
No Offers please this is a bargain .In very good used condition selling because Im going back to a single AV Receiver ro save space after house move . Its still setup {24.7.2019} but I will be boxing ...

 ID 70669 Arcam Avp-700  €349 
For sale is a multichannel preamp from Arcam, in perfect working order (and near perfect looks, see details below). It lacks the new toys and gadgets (auto eq, Dolby Atmos etc) but sounds way better t...

 ID 69877 Krell Audio Video Standard  £1300 
Krell audio video standard preamplifier in very good cond and full working order.Fantastic analogue section can be used as a 2 ch full class A preamplifier and DAC.Was a fortune back in time 12.000$

 ID 69304 Nad M15  £offers 
Nad pre amp .thx certified.this cost 2.000 pounds. speakers can be set to large or small crossovers can be set thx or to ur choice. speakers and sub 2 if u have them can be calibrated to ur room. is ...

 ID 65002 Yamaha Dsp-e800  £50 
Yamaha Home Cinema Amp/Processor in good cosmetic&working condition. Supplied with box, manual and remote. Note the foam box inserts are missing. I've owned this unit for around 7 years and am...

 ID 64413 Arcam Fmj Av888 Av Processor B...  £SOLD 
The Arcam AV888 HD AV Pre-amp Processor redefines both the feature set and sonic performance of high end AV processing and pre-amplification. The result of a massive 2 ½ year ground-up developm...

 ID 50842 Naim Av2  SOLD 
Naim AV2 pre/processor in very good condition with remote. No video switching to get in the way.

 ID 50784 Yamaha Dsp A2  SOLD 
Classic and quality. This is from my deceased brother's estate. It is fully working and in very good condition. It is complete with the Yamaha RAV 180 remote. Pick up preferred.

 ID 48117 Onkyo Pr Sc 5508  SOLD 
Onkyo PR Sc 5508 processor for sale as upgrading system.Buy processor and get a Denon DVD 1920 disc player for free!

 ID 48115 Onkyo Pr Sc 5508  SOLD 
Onkyo PR Sc 5508 processor for sale as upgrading system.Buy processor and get a Denon DVD 1920 disc player for free!

 ID 41207 Nordost Quantum Qx2  SOLD 
Nordost Quantum QX2 mains conditioner, purchased from Russ Andrews. Use between wall socket and power strip or within system to feed individual component. Currently listed at £1,199.99 by Pete...

 ID 40642 Denon Avr-4308  SOLD 
Used Denon AVR-4308 in great condition 100% fully working

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