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Analogue Audio Cables on HiFi Forsale
 ID 56796 Cut Loose - Audionote Silversp...  £525 
A very well cared for pair of 1 metre RCA Silver Spine I'C's very similar in sound and construction to Audionote Pallas cable. I have sold several pairs of these on this site recently, this...

 ID 56751 Lfd Audio 3m Grain Free Bi-wir...  £300.00 
3M pair LFD Audio Grain Free Bi-Wire Speaker Cable with LFD Audio solid copper gold plated spade connectors on the loudspeaker end. PCOCC copper cable. Very open and transparent sounding, superb imagi...

 ID 56747 Lfd Audio 1.25m Silver Scorpio...  £1838.00 
1.25m LFD Audio Silver Scorpion Interconnect. Very musical interconnect produces a very open transparent with excellent soundstage and natural tone. Dynamics are realistic and free from grain. Ex/De...

 ID 56687 Chord Cadenza  £120 
I metre Cadenza Analogue mid price cable with RCA terminations. About 3 years old . Reason for sale Upgrading

 ID 56654 Transparent Audio Musiclink Su...  £850 
1m XLR Interconnect

 ID 56653 Transparent Audio Musiclink Ul...  £950 
2m RCA, mint condition

 ID 56640 Cardas Golden Cross Rca 1m Pre...  £350 
Cardas Golden Cross RCA 1m Pre owned RRP: £940 Warm and musical, with a rich midrange and vivid imaging. The Golden Cross is a sublime cable.

 ID 56634 Vovox Vocalis Ic Protect Analo...  £179 
Vovox Vocalis IC Protect Analogue Cable RRP: £280.00 Sale Price £179 1 owner from new, in excellent condition Original box / packing 12 month warranty provided

 ID 56611 Chord Anthem 2  £165 
Chord Anthem 2 5 pin din to 2 RCA interconnect 1 mtr length Will suit Naim equipment or any with 5 pin sockets Reduced now a bargain

 ID 56595 Transparent Audio Reference (m...  £1600 
Needs no introduction

 ID 56566 Graditech Kide 3  £490 
RCA to RCA 1m interconnect, with original box

 ID 56559 Townshend Audio Fractal 1m Rc...  £490 
As new not used. no box

 ID 56558 Tara Labs The One With Floatin...  £990 
1m XLR. Stunning cable; blackest blacks and lowest noise floor with great fine detail.

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