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 ID 29102 T+a V10  SOLD 
For sale T+A v10 valve amp. This has just been back to T+A for a new main board and new valves also had a new valve cage.. Still got about 5months left on warranty. Selling all my gear as no time t...
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 ID 28788 Art Audio Jota  SOLD 
Please see for sale, my single ended Art Audio Jota Amplifier with volume control (currently disabled, but can easily be put back if you wish). Demos are obviously welcome at my house (in Derbyshi...
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 ID 28761 Ming Da Piccolo Mc368-b902  SOLD 
Ming Da Piccolo MC368-B902 Integrated Amplifier RRP £995 EX Dem light use Award winning Single ended 18w per channel the most musical integrated you will find any where near this price. ...
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 ID 28681 Graaf Gm 50  SOLD 
GRAAF GM 50 Valve Amplifier. Beautifully made Italian amp, even the casework was painted in the Ferrari factory. Later version uses more powerful KT90 valves. Here is the conclusion of What Hifi : ...
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 ID 28642 Heart Beat 300b  SOLD 
Heart Beat 300B SET Monoblock Valve Amplifiers With Regret I am selling my lovely 300B Amplifiers Made in Holland by a small Dutch Company Single Ended, Valve Rectified Power Transformers ...
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 ID 28053 Yaqin Mc-100b  SOLD 
For sale an excellent regarded valve amplifier Yaqin Mc-100b .This example is as new condition (very little use to no use) and comes in ts original packaging with manual, multimeter, screwdriver for a...
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 ID 27982 E.a.r. V20 Integrated Amplifie...  SOLD 
E.A.R. V20 Integrated Amplifier - Pre Owned RRP: £5,900 Original packaging Serial number: 10402 The output valves are the indirectly heated ECC83 twin triode type, 10 per channel, operated ...
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 ID 27916 Audio Note Soro Se Phono  SOLD 
Fantastic sounding Audio Note Soro Phono se amplifier The phono stage on these are worth the money on its own These just never come up. Can be seen in north London 8/10 is very harsh but on the saf...
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 ID 27625 Graaf Gm 20 Otl  SOLD 
I have owned this from new and it is in excellent condition ..... regularly serviced by the UK Graaf expert John Caswell ...... it was last serviced by him in October 2014 and I have been away all win...
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 ID 27561 Art Audio Jota Silver Referenc...  SOLD 
This is a Jota Reference Integrated 20w Single Ended Pure Class A with the following upgrades: 1. Silver wiring and silver connectors 2. 3 x RCA inputs and line sector knob 3. Remote control on vol...
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 ID 27549 Emille Ara  SOLD 
Emille Ara valve integrated amplifier. Absolutely beautiful piece of kit. Sounds & looks fantastic. Excellent build quality. I have just replaced the power valves ( electro harmonix 7591a ) Approx...
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 ID 27432 Mastersound Duetrenta Se  SOLD 
Fabulous Italian Mastersound DueTrenta SE tube integrated. Just been revalved with SHUGUANG Treasure KT88s and Psvane T Series ECC82 preamp valves at a cost of £400.00. Literally 10 hours on bo...
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 ID 27337 Magnavox 6v6gt  SOLD 
NOW SOLD on EBAY £700 A Stunning pair of Magnavox 6V6GT valve mono block power amps fully restored by a professional in Italy Sweet and Warm sound better than a 300B to my ears and more c...
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