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 ID 37107 Unison Research Simply 4  SOLD 
This beautiful and elegant design from renowned Italian audio designer Professor Giovanni Sachet, is a lush sounding valve classic. A pentode design featuring twin pairs of parallel EL34s deliverin...
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 ID 36761 Icon Audio Mb150 Power Amplifi...  SOLD 
Icon Audio MB150 Power Amplifiers - Pre owned RRP: £3,599 With KT120 valves, Acrylic valve guards, No original box, Good pre-owned condition, a few light marks to edges of transformers, Sr. S9...
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 ID 36707 Audio Note Or Other Kit 300b 2...  SATISFIED 
Wanted: Kit 300b/2A3 Age not important C Core transfomer welcome as excellent output Transf. Non working welcome as long as outputs are good

 ID 36633 Western Electric 300b (sold)  SOLD 
A matches pair of the well regarded Western Electric 300B valves only lightly used (Grade 2) by a careful audiophile in a Wavac system. No original box. Test results, Valve test results; 1. 74 of 80...
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 ID 36468 Yaqin Mc100b  SOLD 
Yaqin MC100B power amp mode only (preamp sockets have been disabled though volume control still as normal). RCA 5750s x2; Sylvania 'Bad Boy' 6sn7gt (1953)x2; Brimar CV1988 (1952)x2. 4 x TAD ...
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 ID 36327 Sonic Frontiers Power 3 Monobl...  SOLD 
Sonic Frontiers Power 3 Monoblocks - Pre owned RRP: £10,000 Original box and packaging User manual New valves have only 200 hours use Excellent condition Sr. 106494 & 106495 Specifi...
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 ID 36015 Balanced Audio Technology Vk15...  SOLD 
My beloved BAT VK150SE mono blocks. Excellent condition and all valves upgraded only 9 month ago having less than 500 hrs. This upgrade costing well in excess of £1400 and worth every penny. &p...
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 ID 35708 Yaqin Mc-13s  SOLD 
Yaqin MC-13s valve stereo amplifier,2 x 40 watts,4 x EL34 and 4 x 12AT7 valves,chrome finish with VU meter on front panel
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 ID 35206 Howes Acoustics Px4 Monoblocks...  SOLD 
Pair of PX4 monoblocks, purchased ex-dem from John Howes in October 2014. They are still under warranty (2 year) and came with new KR Audio PX4 valves. The other valves are 6SN7 and GZ34. No capa...
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 ID 34947 Audio Innovations S800 Mk1  SOLD 
S800 series 1 valve power amp in fully working order. Excellent cosmetic condition. The amp was serviced and lightly modified by the previous owner. Can email his description of mods on request. P...
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 ID 34203 Audion Sterling El34  SOLD 
Audion Sterling EL34 Single Ended amp for sale. I have had this amp from new, having bought it from Deco Audio, the distributors of Audion amps in the UK. British made, excellent sound and constructio...
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 ID 34087 Ulyanovs 6c33cb  SOLD 
Quartet (4 pieces) Selects NOS 6C33C-B NOS military tubes for sale. Ulyanovs factory These tubes can measure man only with special tubes tester, so that each piece was burned four hours long. The am...
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 ID 33973 Ming Da Potente Md 150  SOLD 
Fantastic condition 150 Watt Monoblocks.1 Year Old. Boxed.Cages Included.Very Little Use RRP £4,000 Postage to be added to price.
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