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 ID 37780 General Electric Vt4c Quad  £450 
Rare Quad of NOS VT4C in original military wooden packing crate (WW2 vintage). Checked in Homemade ongaku and sound great. Presently selling off my audio valve collection so more interesting tubes t...
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 ID 37748 Arion Nemesis 300b Triode Valv...  £1750 
With Audionote 300B Valves 17 Watts Push Pull Very good condition Retailed at over 4000
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 ID 37726 Radford Sta15 Series 3  £1250.00 
Perfect working condition, good physical condition, Woodside modified. New output transformer (supplied by Radford Renaissance) New quad-matched JJ Tesla EL34s and GZ34.
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 ID 37586 Ayon Triton Iii P Kt120 Power ...  £4000 
Very nice amp, rightly winning awards Excellent condition - boxed
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 ID 37585 Melody Pure Black Kt88 Valve M...  £2000 
Excellent with original packaging and manual, just turned on and tested for 30 mins to check they are OK, absolutely fantastic looking amps and they don't sound bad either New old stock, ex di...
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 ID 36704 Gardner Pair Of Gardners As 70...  £400 
Outputs are AS7012 with a choice of 7000 or 8000 ohm anode to anode impedance and with 43% ultralinear taps and 20% feedback taps Good For EL84, KT61 or triode connected EL34, KT66 etc Superb Qu...
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 ID 36488 Emille Km-300se Integrated Val...  £2750 
Excellent , ex demo from the ex- distributor sold with 6 month UK only gtee
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 ID 36472 Gamma Px25 Valve Monoblocks Wi...  £4000 
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 ID 36057 Sylvania 6sn7gt  £40 
Set of 4 sylvania and 1 gec input valves. photo shows gec on left of photo and 3 out of 4 sylvanias.I used these valves with my now sold 2A3 integrated; they are quiet and give high quality sound....
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 ID 35968 Canor Tp106vr+  £2000 
Ex-dem silver model with 12 months warranty (3 months for the valves) RRP £3950 MCRU price £2000 Thank you MCRU for supplying me with this outstanding amplifier The CANOR TP 106 ampli...
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 ID 35841 Transcription Audio 3b- Gm70  £2950.00 
MORE INFO over 600 hits but no inquiries Its been pointed out the GM40 may not be known like the 211 or 845 valves of which I can demonstrate along side this amp Very rare GM70 DHT. Valve amp. 3...
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 ID 34737 Conrad Johnson Classic Sixty V...  £1850 
Conrad Johnson Classic Sixty Vacuum-Tube Amplifier - Pre Owned RRP: £3,795 Original packaging Serial number: 5451024
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 ID 33508 Quad Ii-forty Monoblocks - Pre...  £1,950 
QUAD II-forty Monoblocks - Pre owned RRP: £3,800 Original Packing User Manual Serial Number: 2400254 & 2400551 Specifications: Power Output 40W RMS THD @ 700Hz 0.3% @ 40W, 0.03% at 1W...
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