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 ID 539 Paul Hynes Valve Linestage   
Paul Hynes - Valve linestage Ex-demonstration 2x6SL7, output capacitorless, DC coupled, output transformerless, dual-rail, regulated outboard power supply. Upgraded by Glenn Croft with 47k pot ...
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 ID 518 David Berning Zh 270   
David Berning ZH270 for sale. This has the silver wiring and Goldpoint pot mods done by Berning. Ive also fitted cryod Westinghouse 6JN6s and NOS Siemens ECC801s,Mullard 12AT7s and Sylvania 5965...
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 ID 508 Emille Ki40   
Mint condition, 2yrs old with wooden chest and manuals. Also upgraded Genelex KT 77s Golden Lion valves.
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 ID 496 World Audio Design 6550 Amp, H...   
On Ebay - I have for sale my highly modified World Audio Design 6550 amp. It is a single input power amp with a volume control. This has been highly modified with over £500 spent on upgrading the...
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 ID 447 Quad Quad-ii System   
Quad EX-DEMO system for sale. Excellent condition with new valves. system: QC-twentyfour valve pre amplifier II-forty, 40W valve mono power amplifier(x2) ESL-989, Electrostatic loudspeaker(x2)
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 ID 432 Mayfield Haagen Special Editio...   
A pair of 30w. Monoblock hand built amps one is complete working. The other has never Been wired up underneath all components are gold plated. I have never come across another pair. i paid 150:00 or...
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 ID 399 Yaqin Ms-6v6   
As new condition. almost un-used. hence for sale
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 ID 378 John Howes Quad Ii   
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 ID 129 Lumley St70   
Lumley reference st70 reference valve amplifier, recently re-valved and re-serviced, valve coolers. still under warranty in excellent condition - new £3700 selling for £950
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 ID 127 Graaf Gm50 B   
Fantastic intergrated amp by graaf all valve with great tight sound and fine bass .not a slushy valve sound.. what hifi 5 star rating. in black. excellent condition with manual remote and original pac...
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