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Valve Power Amplifiers on HiFi Forsale
 ID 51988 Conrad Johnson Lp 140m Monoblo...  £5000 
220/230/240 V Excellent with original packaging and manual, absolutely fantastic amps Price if for a pair of amps. Pre-owned HiFi Stock List: www.emporiumhifi.com/pages/pre-owned-hifi-list.ht...

 ID 51986 Jadis Ja200 Monoblock Valve Am...  £10000 
Excelent The amps are very quiet even with efficient speakers, and sound outstanding. The amp has adjustable output impedance taps, later version with protection fuses, but not latest spec. Ama...

 ID 51985 Border Patrol 300b Se Power Am...  £2250 
Excellent condition, boxed with manual Please not that this is an older model and does not have an external PSU. Pre-owned HiFi Stock List: www.emporiumhifi.com/pages/pre-owned-hifi-list.html

 ID 51805 Gec Osram B65 6sn7  £600.00 
OSRAM GEC B65 Valve. The best 6sn7 type valve. Very rare and sought after. This tests new and Strong. Sounds superb.

 ID 51745 Ming Da Dynasty Cavatina Mc300...  £2400 
Uses a 2A3 to drive 805 single ended triode giving 40 watts a channel Genuine UK sourced Ming Da amp Retails at £4449 HiFi World 5 star outstanding review http://www.mingda.co.uk/min...

 ID 51733 Je Audio Vm60 Valve Monoblocks...  £2000 
"Conclusion. The JE Audio VM60 monos exhibited typical push/pull tube virtues of superb lateral soundstaging vs. less depth perspective than the best single-endeds. This was accompanied by greate...

 ID 51711 Black Gate Wkz Capacitor. Wkz ...  £550.00 
Black Gate Capacitor. 100uf 500 Volt/550 Volt Surge. Brand new-old stock. Selling miscellaneous items in my parts box. Please EMAIL ME if you need more deatails.

 ID 51665 Unison Research Smart 845 Mono...  £3995.00 
The superb Unison Research Smart 845 Monoblock Power Amplifiers If you are looking at this advertisement, it is likely that you are already aware of these outstanding amplifiers from the wonderful ...

 ID 51493 Tektron Tk2a3 50m Valve Power ...  £2350 
Tektron TK2A3/50M Valve Power Amps - Single Ended Triodes Excellent Single ended triodes comes with pairs of both 2a3 and 300b valves and is switchable between them and other triodes such as 45,vt...

 ID 51232 Nightingale Adm-32 Integrated ...  £1250 
Retailed at £4000 Some scratches to paintwork Please note from experience, with fragile walnut casework and dual mono Dehsin 4 heavy transformers, these do not travel well, so its buyer co...

 ID 51226 Meixing Mingda Mc 3008 A Monob...  £2000 
These are the first MC 3008 A Monoblocks made by Meixing. The machine adopts pure Class A to amplify circuit ,and tube 300B drives 805 (JAN WT 140) which makes it more perfect. High frequency feels...

 ID 51217 Luxman Valve Eq88 Mm Phonostag...  £1000 
Excellent with original packaging With Opeq-88 PSU

 ID 51211 Canor Tp134 Valve Integrated A...  £1100 
Longstanding Slovakian tube specialist Canor is based in Prešov, in a purpose-built factory where it builds everything in-house and has developed a proprietary valve-testing and burn-in methodo...

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