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 ID 44829 Wavac Ec-300b Single Ended Tri...  £10000 
Excellent and boxed Perfect working order UK/European voltage Fantastic sounding amplifier and totally silent with regards to background noise http://www.wavac-audio.jp/ec300b_e.shtml
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 ID 44828 Ayon Orthos Xs Watt Valve Mono...  £10000 
Very nice amp, rightly winning awards New set of KT150's In wooden crates
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 ID 44827 Ayon Cary 805 Anniversary Sing...  £5000 
50 watts single ended triode in pure class A with original packaging Good condition, paint touch up on one amo and very slightly damaged rear panel See photos These sound fantastic - 50 wa...
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 ID 44810 Canary Ca300 300b Monoblock Va...  £1800 
120 V step down transformer included or can be wired in series
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 ID 44616 Art Audio Concerto Monoblocks  £2250 
PRICE REDUCTION These have been completely rebuilt to as new condition about 6 months ago and have been used for 3 months. New Sowter split core transformers, new caps, one completely new circuit boa...
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 ID 44528 Appj Pa1501a  £90 
Brand New !! Brilliant little class A amp, with great reviews. Needs efficient speakers to drive. On sale at Amazon @ £144.99 https://www.amazon.co.uk/APPJ-PA1501A-amplifier-6AD10-silver/d...
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 ID 44472 Quad Ii Forty Monoblock Amplif...  £1680 
Quad II Forty Monoblock Amplifiers Pre owned RRP: £3,499 Original Boxes, Packaging and Manual Condition 9/10 UK Supplied : Yes Fully tested - working and sounding quite sublime. All va...
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 ID 43947 Tl Audio Fatman Itube 202  £250 
Perfect working order Fatman Itube 202 with upgraded vintage tubes (Sylvania Gold Brand and Raytheon 1950s) plus a pair of Psvane Hifi Series KT88s (only 150 hours). 20 watts per channel SET (Single ...
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 ID 43545 Various Pair Toroidal Output T...   
For 4000 -4000 ohms anode to anode p/p .
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 ID 43544 Various Matched Pairs Output V...  £50 
Various makes-Mullards CVC's,4 EH's,etc.Also pair GEC TT100-pricey?
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 ID 43543 Anatek As 2t300  £170 
Pair toroidal Valve amp HT transformers,new, in boxes,Twice X 115v input,Twice X 300v +Twice X 6.3V outs. 200 Watts conservatively rated.regret collect only-London.
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 ID 42959 Icon Audio Mb 30 Se Power Ampl...  £1790 
Icon Audio MB 30 SE Power Amplifiers - Ex demo RRP: £2,499 Original box and packaging KT150 valves Condition 9/10 Sr. MB300913126
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 ID 42811 Quicksilver Valve Monoblocks W...  £800 
Originally these used 8417 output valves but were modified to use 6550 Good working order but messed about with by someone in the past, so would benefit from tidying up
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