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Valve Power Amplifiers on HiFi Forsale
 ID 54845 Audio Research Vt60  £850 
Owned from new with all original packaging, manual & certification. Recently serviced & re-valved with Gold Lion KT88 & Reflector Military Type. Valves alone cost £355. Will demon...

 ID 54739 E.a.r 519 Valve Amplifiers - V...  £4995 
Removed From Studio In excellent condition full re-valve with NOS Mulards and recap full spare set available if required Rated at a conservative 100 watts per mono it is easy to hear why this Class...

 ID 54698 Black Gate Rubycon Wkz  £1250 
Black Gate WKZ- 100uf + 100uf 500volt Heart of Muse Capacitor. The ultimate valve Amplifier power supply capacitor.

 ID 54650 Audio Research Vt 150 Valve Mo...  £3000 
Very good. Pre owned hifi stock list: www.emporiumhifi.com/pages/pre-owned-hifi-list.html

 ID 54411 Unison Research S9  £2999 
For sale lovely Unison Research S9 tube amp. Very good condition. Fully boxed. Also included in price!!! 2x brand new spare power tubes Svetlana SV572-10 & 4x Amperex Bugle Boy 12au7 !!!

 ID 54355 Musicarch Cat's Whiskers -...  £5495 
Musicarch Cat's Whiskers - 300B SET Valve Monoblock Power Amplifiers - Pre owned RRP: £9,995 Date of Manufacture : 2014. Condition : 9/10. Boxes : Yes, original wooden crates and interna...

 ID 54317 Mactone Border Patrol Mh 300b  £5250 
Modestly remunerated persons Kondo?Mactone MH300B fully hard-wired stereo power amplifier with LIving Voice/KR Audio 300B's and LIving Voice capacitor upgrade. Comes with a Border Patrol external ...

 ID 54166 Heart Double Beat  £1250 
Very Rare Heart Double Beat Parallel Single Ended 300b Monoblock's . Valve lineup per Channel is : 2 x 300b (valve art) 2 x 6SN7 (Philips) 1 x 5U4G (sovtek) Rectifiers are brand new sov...

 ID 54100 Audio Note Ongaku  £39990 
Needs no introduction. This legendary amp is not for the feint hearted.

 ID 53738 Raysonic Sp88 Valve Integrated...  £900 
Raysonic SP88 Valve Integrated Power Amplifier Excellent 35 watts a channel valve amp with built in MM phonostage Retailed at 1950 Nice smooth sound. Pre owned HiFi Stock List: www.empori...

 ID 53662 Lumley Reference 120 Valve Mon...  £1750 
Very good condition with decent set of 6550C fitted Lovely amps with grace and power Buyers outside the EU are welcome to buy these but must arrange their own shipping Pre owned HiFi Stock Li...

 ID 53652 Quad Ii Amplifiers With Kt66 A...  £1600 
Working and sounding great with a matching set of GEC KT66 With good emmision and all matched to within 4m/a of each other on my AVO CT160 tester Sold with power cable and owners manual Seria...

 ID 53472 Audio Research Classic 60 Valv...  £1600 
Excellent, boxed Fully serviced, recently had a 900 GBP rebuild. Pre-owned Hi Fi Stock List: www.emporiumhifi.com/pages/pre-owned-hifi-list.html

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