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Turntables on HiFi Forsale
 ID 44353 Rega Rp10 Apheta  SOLD 
Rega RP10 with Apheta mc cartridge for sale. Turntable,power supply and cartridge all in excellent condition. Only logged as 9/10 because Rega badge on the lid is missing. Sounds excellent. Also selli...

 ID 44301 Avid Acutus Sp Sme Series V +...  SOLD 
As NEW Avid Acutes. The whole deck is only 6 months old.

 ID 44117 Sony Ps 6750  SATISFIED 
I am on the lookout for a Sony PS 6750 direct drive turntable. Preferably in the North East of England or willing to ship.

 ID 44018 Linn Lp12 Majik  SOLD 
Linn LP12 Majik, 9CC tonearm and Adikt cartridge with Trampoline Base and perspex lid. Brand new Linn belt and new vile of Linn oil. Original box. Secondhand.

 ID 43967 Linn Lp 12 Turntable With Upgr...  SOLD 
Linn LP 12 Turntable With Upgrades RRP: £4,495.00 Comes in original box. 12 month warranty provided. UPGRADES: Vivid x100 arm Ortofon rondo red cartridge Full Vivid upgrade carried out b...

 ID 43849 Linn Lp12 Lingo Ittok Cirkus K...  SOLD 
Linn LP12 Sondek (serial no 069424) With Cirkus Bearing, Kore Subchassis,Ittok LV11 Arm,Gotham Arm Cable,And MK1 Lingo Power Supply. The Turntable itself is in lovely condition apart from small dent ...

 ID 43737 Inspire Apollo  SOLD 
Hi. I have on offer here my stunning Inspire Apollo turntable. It has been in my possession from new for the last four years and is in excellent overall condition. There are a few minor scratch and po...

 ID 43669 Clearaudio Champion Level One  SOLD 
For sale is my Clearaudio Champion Level One T/T with Clearaudio Satisfy Arm (RRP £3000) . in pristine condition comes with acrylic dust-cover and extra acrylic platform (£220 extra’...

 ID 43575 Technics Sp-10 Mk Ii  SOLD 
Up for sale is my pristine, recently serviced SP-10 player with a matching PSU, an extra-heavy plinth, a 12-inch Jelco SA 750L tonearm and lightly-used Denon DL-103 cartridge. The cart has less tha...

 ID 43501 Well Tempered Versalex  SOLD 
Beautiful Versalex Turntable with Dynavector XX2 mk2 cartridge, only a few months old, both deck and cartridge bought new. The XX2 mk2 has around 70 hours of use - so just run in. Lovely condition

 ID 43386 Vpi 16.5 Record Cleaning Machi...  SOLD 
Good quality record cleaning machine made in the USA.Good condition complete with all original accessories and packing case

 ID 43383 Sme 30a Mk2  SOLD 
A rare opportunity to pick up a legend in the hifi world. Complete with a SME V 24ct Gold plated arm with internal siver wiring,LFD scorpion armlead,and VDH grasshopper cartridge, aithough cartridge i...

 ID 43370 Thorens Td160b Mk11  SOLD 
A Thorens TD160B MK11 for sale, could do with a little cosmetic work on the plinth (at the bottom) but it works as it should on both 33 and 45. Also it doesn't run fast as these tables often do. T...

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