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 ID 41921 Linn Cirkus Bearing  SOLD 
The cirkus bearing and sub platter (spindle) came from a kit I bought new in December 2016. The springs and bushes are also genuine Linn parts but purchased in October 2016. The sub-chassis is in exce...
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 ID 41856 Linn Lp12  SOLD 
Now selling as indivuidual components. Please email me if you need Circus Bearing, Outter Platter, Plinth / Top Plate, Lid, Arm Board etc.
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 ID 41811 Amazon And Moerch Amazon One +...  SOLD 
The Amazon One is in excellent condition c/w boxes although it is the earlier model with the bezel around the display. The DP6 again is in excellent condition c/w boxes but without antiskate. This ca...
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 ID 41802 Linn Basik + Arm + Cart.  SOLD 
Final reduction: In very good condition and working order, Linn Basik turntable, Linn Basik Plus tonearm, Goldring 2300 cartridge. The cartridge use is approx.100 hrs. so lots of life left. The Armbo...
       more details              

 ID 41787 Garrard Sme Ortofon Garrard 30...  SOLD 
Stunning Garrard Oil Bearing 301 SME 3012 with Ortofon 2M Black and SME 3009 with Ortofon 2M Mono in Beautiful Solid wood plinth
       more details              

 ID 41609 Vpi Scoutmaster  SATISFIED 
Looking for a VPI Scoutmaster turntable preferably complete with tonearm. Please get in touch.

 ID 41541 Lenco With New Heavy Plinth L7...  SOLD 
NEW PRICE. New plinth by Carl of Manchester. One of the nicest Lenco L70 I have seen. New Audiosilente idler wheel. This is a project I can not complete due to health reasons. Postage over £...
       more details              

 ID 41518 Technics Sl Q 21  SOLD 
Stored in a side room for many years.works perfectly.please note no lid as was stored in technics cabinet with top lid.also available £60.
       more details              

 ID 41480 Avid Origin Live Ingenium Silv...  SOLD 
In excellent condition with original box and packing. Turntable comes with optional extra heavy clamp. Please note that the cartridge in the photos is not included. As you would expect this package so...
       more details              

 ID 41376 Lenco L75 Superdeck Superdeck  SOLD 
Fantastic professional reworking of the Lenco L75. Superb CNC machined double plinth. Lower one resting on rubber isolation feet and then huge adjustable spikes to the top plinth. Double heavy plat...
       more details              

 ID 41191 Amazon And Moerch Amazon One +...  SOLD 
Withdrawn from sale
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 ID 41170 Roksan Xerxes  SOLD 
Roksan Xerxes in working order. Reasonable condition for age. Cut for Rega arm.
       more details              

 ID 40891 Project Audio 2xperience With ...  SOLD 
Project 2Xperience turntable, mahogany veneer and acrylic dust cover. 9cc carbon fibre arm fitted with Denon DL-103R low output moving coil cartridge (approximately 50 hours’ use). Original pack...
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