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 ID 42159 Linn Keel Sub-chassis  SOLD 
Open to sensible offers. This is the Linn Tonearm version. Note the arm support hole has not been drilled out. As you can see it is in immaculate condition. These are selling for £2,450 new...
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 ID 42049 Rega Rega P5 With Tt Psu  SOLD 
Fitted with Dynavector DV20x2L cartridge and upgraded with heavy tungsten counterweight and white drive belt.All instructions and original packaging included. Will consider selling items seperately.
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 ID 42028 Townsend Rega Ortofon Rock Ii ...  SOLD 
A fabulous Rock II tt combination: with Michell-badged RB300 arm with VTA, plinth, cover (in excellent condition) AND the Merlin power supply (VERY rare) and, if wanted, an Ortofon 2M Bronze cartridge...
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 ID 41949 Avid Ingenium + Origin Live Si...  SOLD 
Fabulous AVID Ingenium deck in absolutely mint as new condition. With the optional heavy puck. Boxed. Instructions. Almost wall to wall praise for this superb deck. It is set up with the AVID/Origin L...
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 ID 41922 Linn Lp12 Plinth, Top Plate A...  SOLD 
My 1991 LP12. Listing includes plinth, top plate & motor along with all bolts and fittings seen in images. As you can see it is in excellent condition.
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 ID 41921 Linn Cirkus Bearing  SOLD 
The cirkus bearing and sub platter (spindle) came from a kit I bought new in December 2016. The springs and bushes are also genuine Linn parts but purchased in October 2016. The sub-chassis is in exce...
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 ID 41893 Vpi Scout Ii  SOLD 
PROVISIONALLY SOLD Carefully used VPI Scout II / JMW9 tonearm / Ortofon 2m Blue cart. Dust Cover. New price £2775 + cart + cover Shipping price is £61 fully insured (UK mainland subject...
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 ID 41886 Nottingham Analogue Studio Dia...  SOLD 
Selling my little used NA Dias demonstrator 250hrs, supplied with either with Rega/ NA armboard or SME/ Graham. Brilliant High-End turntable for sensible money. Ex/Dem. Was £5140.00
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 ID 41856 Linn Lp12  SOLD 
Now selling as indivuidual components. Please email me if you need Circus Bearing, Outter Platter, Plinth / Top Plate, Lid, Arm Board etc.
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 ID 41811 Amazon And Moerch Amazon One +...  SOLD 
The Amazon One is in excellent condition c/w boxes although it is the earlier model with the bezel around the display. The DP6 again is in excellent condition c/w boxes but without antiskate. This ca...
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 ID 41802 Linn Basik + Arm + Cart.  SOLD 
Final reduction: In very good condition and working order, Linn Basik turntable, Linn Basik Plus tonearm, Goldring 2300 cartridge. The cartridge use is approx.100 hrs. so lots of life left. The Armbo...
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 ID 41787 Garrard Sme Ortofon Garrard 30...  SOLD 
Stunning Garrard Oil Bearing 301 SME 3012 with Ortofon 2M Black and SME 3009 with Ortofon 2M Mono in Beautiful Solid wood plinth
       more details              

 ID 41727 Linn Sondek Lp12 Lp12 Lingo, ...  SOLD 
LP12 with trampolin2, Keel, Akito2B, Lingo & Adict Boxed in mint condition
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