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Turntables on HiFi Forsale
 ID 45506 Michell & Origin Live Tecn...  SOLD 
All in unmarked condition. With Michell clamp, belt Michell VTA adjustment mech and original box. The turntable was bought ex-dem a few months ago and still has the balance of manufacturer's warra...

 ID 45485 Goldring Lenco Gl75  SOLD 
Goldring lenco g75 chassis unit very good order as used in some very costly set ups should not cost a fortune to get a really nice deck I'm selling this for a mate , best to make him an offer

 ID 45460 Pink Triangle Anniversary With...  SOLD 
Finished in black with it's original pink lid all in exceptional condition. If this isn't just about the finest Battery Anniversary out there I will be very surprised. I'm only the second ...

 ID 45321 Thorens Td160 Super  SOLD 
Rare and superb Thorens TD160 SUPER deck. Complete with brand new genuine Thorens belt and rare PLATTER MATTER mat. The best of the TD160s. in BLACK and silver top plate. The deck is in excelle...

 ID 45241 Nottingham Analogue Interspace...  SOLD 
Fabulous turntable combo with a new DENON D103 high output MC costing £295!

 ID 45110 Thorens Td321  SOLD 
Excellent and good looking with outboard power supply and linn arm

 ID 45065 Linn Majik Lp12  SOLD 

 ID 44983 Rega Rp6  SOLD 
Hello After acquiring a lovely Garrard 401, it is time to sell my Rega RP6. It is in Red color, in very good condition, always looked after, and it includes the following improvements: 1. Tangos...

 ID 44677 Garrard 401 | Slate Plinth Gar...  SOLD 
Garrard 401 fully serviced fitted into slate plinth cut for 2 x 12" arms, no arm included but may offer 12" SME if interested. The plinth is extremely heavy and is a 2 part design, you will...

 ID 44459 Michell Tecnodec  SOLD 
Michell TecnoDec approx 2 years old With original packaging and instructions , unicover and record clamp No arm just deck

 ID 44388 House Of Marley 'stir It U...  SOLD 
New and unused, nice looking turntable in black/bamboo finish, decent AT cart and built in switchable phono preamp

 ID 44353 Rega Rp10 Apheta  SOLD 
Rega RP10 with Apheta mc cartridge for sale. Turntable,power supply and cartridge all in excellent condition. Only logged as 9/10 because Rega badge on the lid is missing. Sounds excellent. Also selli...

 ID 44301 Avid Acutus Sp Sme Series V +...  SOLD 
As NEW Avid Acutes. The whole deck is only 6 months old.

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