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 ID 34692 Sme Sme 1v Kondo Silver Wired  SOLD 
This is a superb arm it comes with its own box and lead ,it is also kondo silver wired ,you will be hard pressed to find one in better condition
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 ID 34561 Origin Live Illustrious Mk2 To...  SOLD 
We have this Origin Live Illustrious Mk2 Tonearm for sale. It is preowned but in excellent condition. It is complete with original box & packaging. Origin Live Illustrious Mk2 Tonearm Grou...
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 ID 34489 Zeta Zeta  SOLD 
Legendary arm that is in near mint condition apart from a small mark near the arm rest. Not unusual on any arm. The tonearm was serviced at Audio Origami and rewired in copper Litz and Van Den Hul ...
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 ID 33881 Clearaudio Acrylic Tonearm Bas...  SOLD 
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 ID 33681 Audiomods Kondo Wired ,for Aud...  SOLD 
This arm is as new ,comes rewired with kondo silver wire and an extra pair of wires in cardas wire so you can fit the kondo io ltd which requires the two extra to provide power for the coils,this als...
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 ID 33678 Scheu Analog Classic 12 Inch M...  SOLD 
This is the highly regarded scheu analogue 12 inch Classic tonearm ,it is finished in black with chrome fittings ,a superb tonearm great bass and with great sounstge and fine detail
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 ID 33669 Morch Up4  SOLD 
The excellent sounding Morch up4 tonearm in very good condition comes with its own cable
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 ID 33647 Clearaudio Tangential Tonearm ...  SOLD 
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 ID 33556 Helius Orion Iv  SATISFIED 
I'm looking for a Orion IV or Cyalene tonearm.

 ID 33520 Michell Tecnoarm Techno Arm ...  SOLD 
Selling my Michell Tecnoarm / Techno Arm “A” in Silver - RRP £635 Excellent condition, but as it is used it has the normal (very minor) scratches where cartridge was fitted &ndas...
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 ID 33416 Rega Oem Rb1000  SOLD 
New Rega RB1000 tonearm, OEM un-badged, as supplied with a Clarity Claro 09 turntable. Boxed as new. (includes set of 3 VTA Arm Spacers of different thicknesses - 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm)
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 ID 33355 Linn Linn Basik Lvx  SOLD 
Basik LVX tonearm in as new condition, virtually no marks where a cartridge was fitted - only ever used on one deck and with one cartridge. Passes swing test easily - up to 30 complete swings so nearl...
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 ID 32892 Sme 3009  SOLD 
For sale an SME tonearm, good cosmetic condition and working perfectly except that the silicone in the lift/lower device needs replacing. The arm can be lowered slowly with the lever but if you lower ...
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