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 ID 31385 Jelco Sa-750db Tonearm, New  SOLD 
Brand-new, boxed. I've Inspected it carefully (more like taken it out to admire it - it's beautifully made), but hardly necessary as Jelco's build quality and QC is exemplary. Includ...
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 ID 30630 Infinity Black Widow  SOLD 
This auction is for a NEW UNUSED Infinity Black Widow Tone Arm. I am the original owner. It has never been out of the packing. I have thought many times of installing it but have always resisted...
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 ID 29577 Rotel Rp3000  SATISFIED 
Wanted tonearm to fit Rotel rp 3000 turntable. Original or SME 3009 arm will fit.

 ID 27511 Sme M2 9  SATISFIED 
Wanted SME M2-9 Thanks !

 ID 25848 Sme 3009 Series Ii Improved  SOLD 
Thorens TD 160 super turntable complete with SME 3009 series II arm. Please note I know very little about these items other than they are quality. The SME has no cartridge so I'm unable to test it...
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 ID 21625 Jelco Sa750l  SATISFIED 
Jelco SA750 L Tonearm

 ID 21580 Rega Rb 300  SOLD 
Rega RB300 with armboard for LINN LP12
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 ID 21517 Rega Michell Michell Tecnoarm ...  SOLD 
Brand New unfitted Michell Tecnoarm mk11 , the latest 3 point mounting version .Complete in box with manual and alignment gauges along with 2 different easy adjust VTA. Heres some blurb from the net &...
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 ID 21470 Linn Akito Mk1  SOLD 
Mint condition! Very smooth bearings and easily passes the horizontal swing test.
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 ID 19754 Moerch Up-4 (yellow Dot)  SOLD 
Gold finish Mørch UP-4 in very good condition. The wand is a 9" Yellow Dot. I understand there is a waiting list for new versions but these are currently being offered new by Kronos...
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 ID 45322 Helius Standard  SOLD 
Lovely and very rare HELIUS standard arm in superb condition. This has just been up to Johnnie at Audio Origami for new CARDAS sliver tags and to have the RCA plugs desoldered. It is now in perfect wo...
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 ID 44458 Michell Tecnoarm A Ii  SOLD 
Arm 8 months old , in mint condition . With original box , and instructions.
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 ID 44449 Nottingham Analogue Ace Anna 1...  SOLD 
Top of the range damped uni-pivot tonearm. Exceptional soundstage, speed and dynamics.Five years old but absolutely as new. Complete with mounting collet and arm-board with original packaging. Termina...
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