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 ID 27511 Sme M2 9  SATISFIED 
Wanted SME M2-9 Thanks!

 ID 25848 Sme 3009 Series Ii Improved  SOLD 
Thorens TD 160 super turntable complete with SME 3009 series II arm. Please note I know very little about these items other than they are quality. The SME has no cartridge so I'm unable to test it...
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 ID 21625 Jelco Sa750l  SATISFIED 
Jelco SA750 L Tonearm

 ID 21580 Rega Rb 300  SOLD 
Rega RB300 with armboard for LINN LP12
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 ID 21517 Rega Michell Michell Tecnoarm ...  SOLD 
Brand New unfitted Michell Tecnoarm mk11 , the latest 3 point mounting version .Complete in box with manual and alignment gauges along with 2 different easy adjust VTA. Heres some blurb from the net &...
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 ID 21470 Linn Akito Mk1  SOLD 
Mint condition! Very smooth bearings and easily passes the horizontal swing test.
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 ID 19754 Moerch Up-4 (yellow Dot)  SOLD 
Gold finish Mørch UP-4 in very good condition. The wand is a 9" Yellow Dot. I understand there is a waiting list for new versions but these are currently being offered new by Kronos...
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 ID 41668 Origin Live Illustrious Mk3c 1...  SOLD 
We have this Origin Live Illustrious MK3C 12" Tonearm, it is preowned but in excellent condition with no noticeable marks or scractches as can be seen in the pictures attached. The Origin Live Il...
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 ID 41651 Naim Aro  SOLD 
Naim ARO Arm Top - used but in good condition Original box NO COUNTERWEIGHTS just arm top and finger lift!
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 ID 41444 Linn Lp12 Armboard  SOLD 
Vintage linn lp12 sme fit tonearm board from the early 80s. It does have some light scratches and marks but is still usable. Free Delivery.
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 ID 41204 Thomas Schick 9 With Extra Sp...  SOLD 
Bought direct from Thomas, this is the shorter and in my opinion the more musical of his arms as it has beytter PRAT than the longer 12". Less than 2 hours use, only selling as I had bought an EM...
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 ID 41198 Sme 3009 Improved  SOLD 
One of the best examples of this arm that you will find, a very late model (see photo) and with the newer RCA connections (serial number: 282848). It has a detachable headshell and the lift/lower devi...
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 ID 41185 Audio Origami Rb7  SOLD 
Superb and one of the very best re-workings of the Rega RB300 arm from that Scottish genius Johnnie Nielsen. In fine condition and perfect working order. This was nigh on $800.00 new and is unbeat...
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