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 ID 50673 Linn Ittok Lv Iii (3) New Bear...  SOLD 
Rare Ittok LV III Mark 1. In great cosmetic condition. Serviced by Audio Origami (renown specialist) this month (October 2017) - new vertical and horizontal bearings. The mark 1 retained the separ...

 ID 49877 Linn Ekos Mark 2  SOLD 
An early example of a Mark 2 (S/N 007516). Note post S/N 6200 are Mark 2. This is an original Mark 2 NOT an upgraded Mark 1. Bearings and Cosmetically in excellent condition with only the usua...

 ID 49753 Rega All  SATISFIED 
Looking for an ex. example of a Rega arm. Three point fixing preferably, other fixing considered. Must have fully working wiring.

 ID 49660 Decca London International And...  SOLD 
Very rare tonearm and cartridge. Just serviced from john wright who confirmed that cartridge still has 80 percent life. enough for 700-800 hours. If you need pictures, please let me know i will send i...

 ID 49489 Alphason Hr100mcs  SOLD 
I am offering the sale of my excellent Alphason tonearm. Pics are part of the description so please view thoroughly. Excellent condition with ZERO play in the bearings. Everything does exactly...

 ID 49357 Linn Ekos Mark 2 (late Mark 2)...  SOLD 
Late Linn Ekos Mark 2. This is an original Mark 2 NOT an upgraded Mark 1. In excellent condition both cosmetically and mechanically with only slight witness marks (as usual) where cartridge is fitted...

 ID 49267 Jelco Sa750lb  SOLD 
Jelco 12 inch tone arm in superb condition, no scratches or nicks etc. Comes with original box, user guide, mounting template, screws etc. Also included a number of EXTRAS; 1. Amonite Acoustics im...

 ID 49069 Origin Live Silver Mk2  SOLD 
Fitted with Linear Flow cable and metal Eichmann Bullet plugs - a OL upgrade that alone would have been c. £200+ at time of original purchase. Includes OL vta adjuster. Additional charge ...

 ID 48742 Linn Ekos Mark 2  SOLD 
Late Linn Ekos Mark 2. In excellent condition. I don't have any original packaging but it will be packed very securely.

 ID 48190 Linn Ekos Mark 2  SOLD 
In excellent condition as can be seen from the photos. This was originally a Mark 1 but was upgraded to a Mark 2 by Linn. I don't have the originally packaging but it will be packed very careful...

 ID 47925 Linn Ekos Mark 2 (near Mint: V...  SOLD 
S/N 10214 Manufactured Late 2006 and one of the last to be made. It is in fantastic condition as can be seen from the photos. If I was being very picky I would say there were minor marks on head she...

 ID 47746 Mission 774  SOLD 
I'm Selling my beautiful Mission 774 tonearm. It's in fantastic condition, no bearing play, no paint chip, no nothing. Just a really nice condition arm. It was recently rewired by J7 a...

 ID 46837 Origin Live Silver Mk.3a  SOLD 
Mint condition OL Silver 3A. One year old with very little use. Like new. Boxed. Manual. Anyone in the know will know just how fabulous these arms are. At £425.00, £200.00 less than a n...

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