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 ID 15531 Mission Gb Tools 774sm Boxed  SOLD 
Fantstic example of this gb tools tonearm, i understand it was made for mission by gb tools who made the zeta, it is an outstanding tonearm built like the zeta,comes with original wooden box and mount...
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 ID 15367 Spiral Groove Centroid  SOLD 
A Spiral Groove Centroid is available in mint condition. This arm has been used 50 hours Should you need more details, please click on http://www.hifibroker.com Paypal please add 5% more
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 ID 15194 Audio Origami Pu7  SATISFIED 
Must be mirror polished finish and rega mount. any length considered though.

 ID 15043 Clearaudio Satisfy Carbon  SOLD 
Silver Carbon Fibre, offering a high degree of tonearm rigidity, with virtually zero resonance. Handmade Swiss vertical and lateral bearings. Pure polished sapphire bearing materials. Elegant, innovat...
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 ID 14784 Clearaudio Satisfy Satisfy ...  SOLD 
BARGAIN. This is a NEW & UNUSED Satisfy arm that has never been mounted on a deck. This one has the superior straight through wiring from cartridge tags to phono plugs. SAVE OVER £280.00 on the curre...
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 ID 14733 Dynavector Dv 505  SOLD 
Beautiful Dynavector DV505 in truly excellent condition - comes with original box and paperwork. The arm is being sold with an amazing tonearm lead, manufactured by Dr, Richard Bews; this is reflected...
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 ID 14511 Jelco Sa-250st Tone Arm -jelco...  SOLD 
Tone arm with jelco tone arm lead included. All in perfect condition,im having a clear out and this has to go.
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 ID 14479 Morch Up-4  SOLD 
Morch up-4 unipivot tonearm. gold, blue dot arm. this arm is from 2005 and has been owned by me since new. it is in immaculate consition and comes with: original packaging, instructions, silicon fl...
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 ID 14332 Hadcock 228 Super Unilift Mk I...  SOLD 
George Hadcock 228 super unilift mk III on Linn Sondek LP12 board. In box with original templates and literature and extra weights. Lift seems to work properly. everything seems ok. inspect and...
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 ID 14325 Clearaudio Satisfy Direct Wire...  SOLD 
Clearaudio satisy direct wired tonearm with a rrp of £1250,current model ie coolgales etc,direct wired means its a straight run between the cartridge pins and supplied rca connectors,amazing performa...
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 ID 14246 Nottingham Analogue Ace Spacea...  SATISFIED 
Looking for ex demo or used newer nottingham ace space arm 12 " or 9" model cash waiting

 ID 14159 Sme 3009 Series Ii Improved  SOLD 
Sme precision pick up arm 3009 series ii improved non detachable shell. complete with shure m75ej type 2 cartridge and stylus. i have boxes for both arm and cartridge. mounting template and alignment ...
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 ID 14146 Sme 3009-2 Improved  SOLD 
3009-2 improved with det. h/shell sme 'phono' conversion + leads sme flexible link, tools, templates and handbook - boxed
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