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 ID 15965 Rega Rb300 With Incognito Wiri...  SOLD 
Superb tonearm with a fantastic wire upgrade. The incognito wiring has superb reviews; ďThe incognito re-wire kit lifts the Regaís performance to undreamed of levels. It cures the lumpy, tucked und...
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 ID 15952 Rega Rb250 With Ao Mods  SOLD 
For sale a Rega RB250 with full Audio Origami mods - internal and external rewire (125 cms long external cable) and brass stub and brass underslung counterweight (full costs of mods around £200)
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 ID 15942 Sme Sme V  SOLD 
SME V arm Originally came from my SME20 turntable when I sold it I kept the arm put it in itís box and forgot about it just having a clear-out and found it. So now itís up for sale come with all tools...
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 ID 15894 Helius Scorpio 3  SOLD 
Excellent tonearm, very similar to the latest audionote tonearm, great match for the voyv valdi i have for sale
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 ID 15777 Clearaudio Satisfy Carbon (sil...  SOLD 
Fantastic Clearaudio Satisfy Carbon Silver arm in MINT AS NEW condition and complete with box, manual, setup protractor and spare tags. Straight through wiring from cartridge to amp. PLUS I will throw...
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 ID 15739 Audio Origami Rega Rega Rb251 ...  SOLD 
RRP £410.00 NOW £250.00 Audio Origami's Rega RB 251 series Tonearm c/w Audio Origami upgrade mod's (Rega 3 point Fixing) T...
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 ID 15738 Roksan Tabriz Zi Roksan Tabriz...  SOLD 
Roksan's Tabriz ZI tonearm X DEMO RRP ¬£849.00 NOW ¬£575.00 ďA1 Condition X demo item (marks on tonearm where clamp holds tonearm)Ē The standard Tabriz is also available as the Tabriz Zi....
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 ID 15729 Jelco 250st  SOLD 
The World Famous Jelco 250ST (straight tube) Tonearm. Jelco make arms for Linn and other top hi-fi companies. This one is badged for Revolver Turntables (SET) and fitted with Audio Technica AT110E c...
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 ID 15721 Michell Vta Adjuster For Rega ...  SOLD 
Aluminium VTA assembly - easy to use & install. Previously used on an Inspire X100
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 ID 15531 Mission Gb Tools 774sm Boxed  SOLD 
Fantstic example of this gb tools tonearm, i understand it was made for mission by gb tools who made the zeta, it is an outstanding tonearm built like the zeta,comes with original wooden box and mount...
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 ID 15367 Spiral Groove Centroid  SOLD 
A Spiral Groove Centroid is available in mint condition. This arm has been used 50 hours Should you need more details, please click on http://www.hifibroker.com Paypal please add 5% more
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 ID 15194 Audio Origami Pu7  SATISFIED 
Must be mirror polished finish and rega mount. any length considered though.

 ID 15043 Clearaudio Satisfy Carbon  SOLD 
Silver Carbon Fibre, offering a high degree of tonearm rigidity, with virtually zero resonance. Handmade Swiss vertical and lateral bearings. Pure polished sapphire bearing materials. Elegant, innovat...
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