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 ID 21464 Jelco Sa250st  SOLD 
Great tonearm, a real step up from budget types. I also have a mounting board for a Technics SL1210 should the buyer wish to modify their Technics deck. I used this arm on a Technics as well as a Gold...
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 ID 21210 Rega Nad Rb250  SOLD 
In excellent condition as turntable moved house with us and had only been used for 6 months and has just been brought out of hibernation . Post Uk only Add £9 . Collection from Leven Fife , Scot...
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 ID 21152 Sme 309  SOLD 
SME 309 tonearm. Currently attached to Pink Triangle PT Too so has PT armboard. Will sell both if interested.
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 ID 21081 Linn Akito Mk2  SOLD 
Linn Akito MK2 (serial number: 100458) in fantastic condition. It's clearly a MK2 from the serial number and the mottled finish. I've just had it back from audio origami where j7 pronounced th...
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 ID 20954 Triplanar Vi  SOLD 
Triplanar arm in excellent condition. Including maufacturers packaging, mounting jigs, alignment protractor, etc. New bearings and phono cable upgrade completed by manufacturer in 2009. Bargain for su...
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 ID 20495 Linn Ittok Lv11  SOLD 
For sale a black Linn Ittok (5025xxx) in absolutely immaculate condition. There are virtually no marks where the cartridge has been attached and the same applies to the pillar. Only ever used on one d...
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 ID 20342 Linn Akito Mk2  SOLD 
For sale a Linn Akito MK2 (serial number is above 100000 so is definitely a MK2). Other characteristics of a MK 2 are the mottled finish. Everything working perfectly with very smooth bearings - the ...
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 ID 20176 Nottingham Analogue Space Arm...  SOLD 
I have for a sale a good condition Nottingham Analogue space arm this the black head model from 2000 original model with cables unmodified
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 ID 20090 Sme 3009  SOLD 
For sale an SME 3009 with non detachable headshell in excellent condition. However there is a fault somewhere in the tonearm lead. You can get it to work by juggling around with it but the best soluti...
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 ID 19893 Roksan Tabriz Zi Tabriz Zi Ton...  SOLD 
An X Demo - Tabriz Zi Tonearm, Boxed. (Arm has the usual scuff mark from the tonearm rest, but otherwise is in Very Good Condition) The Tabriz tone arm delivers the type of performance only expecte...
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 ID 19877 Basis Audio Vector 3  SOLD 
Stunning tonearm in mint condition. This one has come straight from the Basis Audio factory after having been checked and given the all clear. The tonearm is in black. It is boxed and comes with all t...
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 ID 19749 Mission 774lc  SOLD 
Serial No, 7108076 - in very good condition - a classic from the mid 1980's,
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 ID 19683 Sme Iv  SOLD 
A SME IV is available in mint. Should you need more details, please click on http://www.hifibroker.com Paypal please add 5% more
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