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 ID 34174 Audio Technica Atptg2 & Ev...  SOLD 
Brand new/unused AT carts, all original packaging / instructions etc + Japanese warranty. Insured P&P included. Check my ratings on HiFi Wigwam (superdooper wammer!) http://www.hifiwigwam.com/sho...
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 ID 34038 Koetsu Black Goldline  SOLD 
Superb Koetsu Black Goldline with box and rebuild certificate by Koetsu Japan signed by Sugano. Zero Hours since rebuild.
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 ID 33928 Lyra Lydian Beta  SOLD 
It was supplied by us over 10 years ago and hasnt seen much use for the last 4-5 years the cantilever is slightly off center but the stylus still has life left in it looking for £275 delivered i...
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 ID 33768 Koetsu Black  SOLD 
Early model dating from mid 1980s Only selling as just acquired Urushi upgrade ,plays perfectly. Supplied in original box and it's serial number is 54534
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 ID 33674 Ortofon Mc20  SOLD 
Highly regarded mc20 in excellent condition ,sounds great excellent diamond and cantilever
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 ID 33354 Shure V1511  SOLD 
Shure V1511 cartridge, working but it has clearly been well used. At the moment it sounds pretty good and looking at the tip there should be some life left in it - however I have no ideas how many hou...
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 ID 33026 Ortofon Cadenza Blue Moving Co...  SOLD 
We have this Ortofon Cadenza Blue Moving Coil Cartridge for sale. It is pre-owned but in excellent condition. The previous owner has advised us that this has had only a few hours use, however we have ...
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 ID 32919 Ortofon Windfeld  SOLD 
Ortofon Windfeld with approximately 200 hours max use. Only placed 9/10 as it is used, but otherwise perfect. Simply one of the best cartridges ever manufactured. c/w all packing and tools. Open to se...
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 ID 32453 Dynavector Dv20-xh  SOLD 
Dynavector DV20-XH high output moving coil in original Perspex case with stylus guard. Cartridge is 5 years old but had relatively light use and still sounds fine but recently replaced with Han...
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 ID 32389 Rega Exact  SOLD 
SOLD Rega Exact Cartridge. Little use over last few years. Works perfectly. Highly regarded in reviews. Includes original packing and fixing screws. Free postage to UK only. SOLD
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 ID 32023 Lyra Helikon  SOLD 
Lyra Helikon in great condition. Been sat in it's box unused for 3 years. Just 3 months after buying this I managed to get a Lyra Titan hence why the Helikon ended up as a spare and unused for so ...
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 ID 31846 Benz Micro Wood Sl  SATISFIED 
Benz Micro Wood SL moving coil cartridge. May consider SM version.

 ID 31786 Zyx R-1000 Airy 3 (s)  SOLD 
Brand new (factory sealed) MC cartridge from famous Japanese manufacturer
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