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Cartridges & Styluses on HiFi Forsale
 ID 46836 Audio Technica At30e And 30e M...  SOLD 
Rare and excellent AT30E with s of life left. Working perfectly. Original box. I am also supplying as an extra, a brand new boxed replacement MC needle worth £100.00 on its own. This low o...

 ID 46795 Adc Xlm Mk1 Integra  SOLD 
Excellent condition, superb sound. Cartridge is built in to the detachable headshell. Standard SME fit.

 ID 46119 Audio Technica Oc9 Mklll  SOLD 
Moving coil cartridge for sale. Low output. One owner from new with only occasional use. Can demonstrate. Excellent reviews

 ID 45957 Dynavector Dv20x2l  SOLD 
Dynavector DV20X2L (low output) Moving Coil cartridge with approximately 125 hours of use. From a child, pet and smoke free home. Has been fitted to a Well Tempered Versalex and is 18 months old havin...

 ID 45402 Sumiko Bluepoint No2  SOLD 
Sumiko Bluepoint No2 high output moving coil cartridge Has about 50 to 60 hours on it, the stylus is clean and everything works spot on Only selling due to an upgrade of turntable and cartridge Pay...

 ID 45239 Transfiguration Proteus  SOLD 
Absolutely brand new in box unused RRP £3999 top flight MC hand made in Japan

 ID 45139 Benz Ref 2 Silver  SOLD 
One of my MC cartridge collection , put up for sale since my last upgrade and I had to spend £3.5k to significantly better this Benz .It is a Very very Clean Benz Ref 2 Silver MC cartridge, appr...

 ID 45024 Soundsmith Carmen High Output ...  SOLD 
SoundSmith Carmen High Output Fixed Coil Cartridge 2016 Model RRP:£759.00 SoundSmith Carmen High Output Fixed Coil Cartridge (Ex HiFi Pig Review example) - this was the actual cartridge use...

 ID 44672 Koetsu Rosewood Signature  SOLD 
Beautiful koetsu rosewood signature moving coil cartridge Re-tipped a few years ago by expert stylus co, and boxed ever since Taken out of the box this weekend and fitted to Sme 20 and Sme V tone...

 ID 44542 Denon Dl-103  SOLD 
Just getting rid of some stuff I have and I've found two Denon DL-103 carts with snapped cantilevers. Yes, I managed to ruin two shortly after purchase due to natural cack-handedness and general l...

 ID 44460 Benz Ref 2 Sliver  SOLD 
Cartridge has approx 300 hours , is very clean and sounds great. Complete with box , tools and paperwork

 ID 44042 Benz Micro Ace S M Cartridge  SOLD 
Benz Micro Ace S M Cartridge 300hrs use RRP: £695 1 owner from new, in excellent condition. 300 hours of use. Original box / packing. 12 month warranty provided.

 ID 43871 Nagaoka Mp500  SOLD 

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