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 ID 42665 Transfiguration Spirit  SOLD 
Transfiguration Spirit MC cartridge in excellent condition low hours and complete with original walnut case and Transmutable Audio very smart cardboard sleeve packaging. RRP £1000 quite an old ...
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 ID 42438 Shure M97xe  SOLD 
I have for sale a virtually unused (5 hours) Shure M97XE cartridge in original box with manual, screws and tool. It doesn't have an alignment protractor in it.
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 ID 41854 Linn Krystal  SOLD 
This came with a high end LP12 that I just purchased to replace my standard LP12. Since I already have a satisfactory cartridge this is surplus to my needs. It had been fitted to an Aro arm and sound...
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 ID 41467 Dynavector 20x2 High Output Mo...  SOLD 
Dynavector 20x2 High Output Moving Coil Cartridge. In excellent condition with very light use. Shipped in original box.
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 ID 41186 Soundsmith Otello  SOLD 
SOUND SMITH OTELLO: Basically new. Taken out of box to check it was working so less than 30 minutes use. Boxed a AS NEW. NEW is £459.00 so offered at a saving of £84.00 on this superb M...
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 ID 40936 Transfiguration Axia S  SOLD 
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 ID 40029 Denon Dl103r  SOLD 
This is a NEW BOXED "R" version of the legendary DL103. Bought this for a project but have changed tack so brand new. never used. never mounted on an arm. Cheapest I can find in the UK is...
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 ID 39522 Soundsmith Carmen High Output ...  SOLD 
SoundSmith Carmen High Output Fixed Coil Cartridge (Ex HiFi Pig Review example) RRP £759.00 this was the actual cartridge used for the recent HiFi Pig review. As new and very low hours (approx...
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 ID 39354 Rega Apheta  SOLD 
I have a Rega Apheta that was rebuilt by Rega in 2013 and not been used since. Comes complete with original aluminium box and cardboard box. Includes paperwork to confirm work completed by Rega.
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 ID 37626 Transfiguration Proteus  SOLD 
*BRAND NEW STOCK*Due to personal circumstances a client has had to cancel an order of a Transfiguration Proteus cartridge. So I would like to give someone else a chance to buy it at a reduced price ...
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 ID 37579 Shelter 90x  SOLD 
A Shelter 90X is available in very good condition .This cart has been used less then 100 hours Should you need more details, please click on http://www.hifibroker.com Paypal please add 5 % more http...
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 ID 36517 Transfiguration Spirit Mkiii M...  SOLD 
Transfiguration Spirit MkIII MC cartridge - Open box only RRP: £1,095 Original box and packaging Open box only, never been used! User manual Sr. 1569
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 ID 36407 My Sonic Lab Signature Gold  SOLD 
A My Sonic Lab Signature Gold is available (brand new) Should you need more details, please click on http://www.hifibroker.com Paypal please add 5% more https://www.facebook.com/Hifibroker
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