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 ID 45064 Revel Performa M105  £600.00 
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 ID 44969 Spendor Sp1 2 R2 And Stands  £2050 
Pair of walnut Spendor SP1/2 R2 speakers for sale. Matching Something Solid stands included. Latest spec. Mint condition. Superb classic BBC sound quality. New cost £4000 plus £300-£...
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 ID 44927 Sonus Faber Concerto Home Loud...  £950 
Outstanding Excellent condition With dedicated Harrison custom supports
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 ID 44887 Sonus Faber Guaneri Homage Spe...  £3500 
Speakers are lovely with cloth bags etc, boxed and in full working order
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 ID 44831 Wilson Benesch Arc Loudspeaker...  £1350 
In good working order with stands A few light marks here and there bad scratch on base of stand which I will get powder coated, but 1 week delay
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 ID 44584 Pmc 20 21  £700 
Pair of pmc twenty21 a slight chip on rear of one speaker , I bought them with the damage
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 ID 44541 Avalon Avalon Professional Stu...  €1595 
Demo pair: Avalon Professional Studio Pro Shielded loudspeakers complete with Box. Condition: Like New Serial numbers: 1013 – 1014 Stock of the importer. Retails €4.500 Now for &eur...
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 ID 44408 Tannoy Dc1  £130.00 
I am selling my Tannoy DC1 speakerd. Sound quality is excellent. Hifichoice magazine 93% Best Buy & Best speaker up to £500 Cash on collection.
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 ID 44171 Quad Lite  £55 
Quadlite speakers, metallic silver/grey, boxed, manuals, bags. Unmarked except for the base which has some scratches, the grilles have a couple of lugs missing but still stay on.
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 ID 44142 Eclipse Td 508  £200 
These are full range satelite sized speakers with exceptional sound, these have been paired with amps costing two to three thousand with amazing results. they are missing the original black grills as...
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 ID 44137 Quadral Aurum Altan Viii Louds...  £795 
Quadral Aurum Altan VIII Loudspeakers in Dark Oak - Pre owned RRP: £1,600 No original box but suitable one provided User manual Grilles and cloth covers Condition 9/10 Sr. 8AUAL 00272 03-0...
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 ID 43941 Bose 301 Mk 2  £50 
1 speaker only. In fine working order. Cabinet a little shabby-Four holes in the top where it had been wall mounted, and some paint spots. Should come off with cleaner as it was only emulsion. If requ...
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 ID 43907 Monitor Audio Gx Gold Range   
Wanted Monitor Audio GX Gold range at sensible price
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