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Stand Mount Speakers on HiFi Forsale
 ID 49104 Kingsound Princess 11  SOLD 

 ID 49016 Sonus Faber Minima Fm2 +stands...  SOLD 
An original pair of Franco Serblin Minima FM2 monitors with matching stands boxed in good condition

 ID 48839 Audionote An-k Lx  SOLD 
Immaculate unmarked condition. Yew veneer on Baltic plywood cabinets. These must be about £2200 new. About 5 years old now and sound is on the warmer side of neutral. All the detail and resoluti...

 ID 48796 Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor El...  SOLD 
A very lovely and immaculate boxed pair of the Italian crafted 2 way monitors wall brackets supplied (never used) was RRP £3498

 ID 48680 Gamut L3  SOLD 
Beautiful pair of L3 speakers from Gamut. These are one of the best stand mount speakers available. Finished in gloss birds eye maple. No boxes so collection only. Complete with a pair of Slate Aud...

 ID 48668 Naim Audio Sbl  SOLD 
Product: SBL Manufacturer: Naim Audio Description: 1991 pair in teak no boxes collection only Comments: need attention to foam grille grip material and a new set of grilles and gasket kit

 ID 48662 Boenicke W5  SOLD 
Roduct: W5 Manufacturer: Boenicke Description: standard version review sample in oak immaculate REDUCED Comments: boxed including stands

 ID 48639 Chario Delphinus Constellation...  SOLD 
Chario Constellation Delphinus Bookshelf loudspeakers in Walnut (real) Wood finish. Beautiful monitors built with a big attention to detail and with a legendary Italian taste. They produce surpr...

 ID 48567 Proac Tablette Anniversary Spe...  SOLD 
ProAc Tablette Anniversary is a miniature monitor speaker with world class performance, designed to delight those music lovers with smaller listening rooms. Only 5 months old!

 ID 48245 Stirling Broadcast Ls3 5a V2  SOLD 
About 2years old in unmarked rosewood cabinets. Plenty of info on the web about design and history and of this well d version. Check out 'doctorjohncheaptubeaudio' on the web, he knows more ab...

 ID 48208 Harbeth P3esr (maple)  SOLD 
These Harbeth mini monitors are in mint condition. They have only been used for a couple of hours since purchased. They come with Kudos S400 composite stands which at the time were £500.00 and n...

 ID 48173 Townshend Audio Maximum Super ...  SOLD 
A pair of Townshend audio Maximum Super Tweeters for sale finished in black. Complete with box, manual and cables. Less than 1 year old. Grab yourself a bargin.

 ID 48132 Atc Scm 11  SOLD 
Less than 6months old and in unblemished black ash finish. A recent price rise has put these up to around £1300. Well regarded by reviewers and being derived from studio monitors they are very n...

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