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Speaker Cables on HiFi Forsale
 ID 53523 Nordost Spm Reference  £700 
A pair of good condition, no nasty kinks as can too often and easily be the case with Nordost cables. Amp ends are spade terminated and bullet plugs at speaker ends, not my choice but I've had no...

 ID 53494 Snake River Audio Cottonmouth ...  £600 
This Item was taken in part x as part of a system upgrade. ​​​​​​​In V.G.C. Made with our own world famous 24k gold-plated CERTIFIED oxygen free high-density copper wire Cottonmout...

 ID 53487 Chord Signature Speaker Cable ...  £500 
Chord Signature remains one the best value for money high end speaker cables around. Length: 2.5 metre pair. Configuration: 2 x bananas to 2 x bananas. Factory terminated on speaker end, prof...

 ID 53480 Nirvana Sl Series 2.5 Metre Pa...  £395 
Superb pair of Nirvana SL Series speaker cables. 2.5 metres. Professionally reterminated in 2017 by Definitive Audio with high quality bananas.

 ID 53382 Black Rhodium Samba  £180 
Rhodium locking banana plugs all round. 3 metre pair. New price £480 with these terminations. +£12.50 uk main.

 ID 53370 Lfd Audio 4m Reference Silver ...  £2373.00 
A custom length of LFD Audio Reference Silver BiWire speaker cable with extra cost gold plated solid copper spade connection option. Solid silver multi diameter solid core construction. Sounds similar...

 ID 53369 Lfd Audio 5m Grain Free Bi-wir...  £712.50 
LFD Audio Grain Free Bi-Wire with the addition of LFD Audio gold plated solid copper spade connectors on the speaker end x 8 spades. Cable has two types; stranded PCOCC for the bass and solid core PC...

 ID 53349 Tellurium Tq Black  £95 
TQ Black 2.5m pair. Banana Zplug to Banana Zplug. VGC except one plug has become unsoldered which is included. Plug replaced with screw-on temporary replacement. Price includes post, or collecti...

 ID 53348 Qed Genesis Silver 2x2.1m Pair...  £70 
Unterminated. Good condition. Large diameter well constructed impressive cable. Collect from Southampton or post extra (quite bulky). Thanks for looking.

 ID 53280 Atlas Mavros  £500 ono 
2.5m stereo length, single wired with locking bananas. Great cable, upgraded to a longer length of the latest Grun hence sale. Pictures are available.

 ID 53248 Transparent Audio Reference Mm...  £2850 
A Pair of Transparent Audio Reference MM2 Technology 8ft speaker cables. Spades to Spades. Like new condition. Includes network shoes/cones, Please call to arrange audition. Lo-Z (Low Impedance...

 ID 53110 Atlas Hyper 2.0  £150 ono 
3.5 metre pair of Atlas Hyper 2.0 speaker cables. Factory terminated both ends with Atlas gold z plugs. Immaculate condition. Collection welcome.

 ID 53069 Transparent Musicwave Plus  £295 
Transparent Musicwave Plus speaker cable. 8 feet pair factory terminated with spades both ends. Complete with original box. Original RRP £1000. Price includes P&P within UK

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