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 ID 42601 Tannoy York  £16,500 
Tannoy York with 2 x 15" LSU/HF/15L drive units and original crossovers
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 ID 42600 Jbl C61 Sovereign Ii  £1500 
JBL C61 Sovereign II Sell for double in Japan. Breath taking sound with live music. 07886 977675 Pat
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 ID 42563 Perlei Sound Kodaly Serie  £11000 
Hello Everybody, This is a unique Double Bass speakers which is made by hand. This speakers are brand new, never used. I'ts a masterpiece. The set includes a pair of 2 meters special cables whi...
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 ID 42553 Linn Keilidh  £195 
Audiophile quality speakers, in very good condition but without cloth covers, at an excellent price.
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 ID 42511 Dynaudio Excite X32  £495 
Pair of Dynaudio Excite 32 loudspeakers for sale. These are genuinely high quality, seriously well engineered speakers in a beautiful cherry finish. Power handling is 200w. There is a mark on the top ...
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 ID 42413 Tannoy Tannoy 385 Hpd Drivers  £900 
A lovely pair of 15 inch 385 Dual Concentric Tannoy drivers freshly refoamed and checked by speaker repair specialists Wembley loudspeakers. The basket, cones, girders and spider etc are all in excel...
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 ID 42385 Sonus Faber Venere 2.5 Loudspe...  £1750 
Excellent with original packaging, plinths, jumpers etc There is a 1mm rub through on grille cloth corner
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 ID 42384 Adam Tensor Delta Active Louds...  £3500 
Excellent with original packaging
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 ID 42383 Adam Tensor Epsiolon Active Lo...  £1000 
Excellent with original packaging One only - Rertailed at £2,400
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 ID 42323 Apogee Caliper Signature Ribbo...  £500 
Good condition and boxed One bass panel not working so sold as for spares or repair.
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 ID 42317 Bertagni Sm 270 Speakers - Ret...  £300 
Well strange, using Yamaha flat bass drivers with a tweeter and midrange, they offer a very spacious sound with a natural organic quality. Very nice condition
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 ID 42314 Pmc Fact 3 Loudspeakers - Exce...  £2500 
PMC Fact 3 Speakers Specification: Frequency Response: 35Hz – 30kHz Sensitivity: 89dB 1w at 1m Effective ATL Length: 1.7m (5.6ft) Impedance: 8Ω Drive Units: LF: 2 × fact 140mm...
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 ID 42299 Proac D20r   
Looking for a pair of D20r in black ash or ebony. Must be in good condition, thanks, John.
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