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 ID 41426 Sp Acoustics Sp1 Signature  £4995 
Hi spec.British made speaker.Current rrp.£12000.Stunning white gloss finish with mahogany style bezel. An award winning design .See manufacturers website for reviews.[SP Acoustics] Demonstrat...
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 ID 41406 Quad 2905  £3000 
Quad 2905s in black. Perfect condition. Fabulous speakers. One owner. Used only for classical music. Come and listen - partnered with a custom made valve amp (four 6C33 triodes per channel) it's t...
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 ID 41397 Art Neo 10 Loudspeakers  £4995 
ART Neo 10 Loudspeakers RRP: £15,000 Grab an absolute bargain at this price!! 1 owner from new, in fantastic condition. 12 months old. Original boxes and packing. 12 month warranty provided...
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 ID 41361 Acoustic Technologies Classic ...  £350 
Acoustic Technologies Classic single driver speakers in black, which I purchased brand new two years and had shipped in from the US. I purchased these on the specific recommendation of Roger Hebert o...
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 ID 41349 Avi Duo  £550 
These speakers are based on some AVI Duos. The cabinets are brand new, and I installed better drivers than the standard AVI models and also d a super high spec crossover to see how far I could take th...
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 ID 41259 Dynaudio Audience 60  £275 
Excellent pair of speakers in almost new condition, with foam plugs to limit bass. In original packing.
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 ID 41228 Hart Audio D&w Aural Pleas...  £10000 
Get your hands on Harts £40,000 Aural Pleasures. Here is an opportunity to purchase a pair of Hart Audio Aural Pleasures. Reviews are superb and you really do have to listen to believe what sou...
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 ID 41206 Quad 2905  £2200 
Near offers and swap for stand mount speakers considered Legendary electrostatic speakers, recently back from a £600 service by Quad, so with peace of mind with these. Excellent condition....
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 ID 41103 Martin Logan Ethos - Teak  £3500 
These they are one of the best sounding speaker I have heard, you'll know this if you've listened Martin Logan range of ESL's. These are 3.5 years old and I had then from new, they are u...
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 ID 41084 Jbl 4345  £5999 
Studio monitors JBL 4345 £5499 Low used. Standing in a non smoky room. The 4345 is original, come with its original drivers and crossers, works very great in good condition. Scheme 4 wa...
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 ID 41035 Horning Agathon  £2750 
Beautiful condition in light oak. No marks. Bought from Audiolincs. No packaging available. Collection only.
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 ID 41008 Atc Scm50pslt Passive Cherry  €8980 
Bought new in feb. 2016. Supermint conditions. Transportation fees are not integrated in the price. For EU count around 150€. Price new : 16'000€
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 ID 40999 Wilmslow Audio Near Field Moni...  £450 
Wilmslow Audio Speakers Two way Volt 10 inch bass units with Morel MDT33 tweets. Both units come in at 93db@1 watt /1 meter so i should imagine the crossovers are a not to complex an affair. Bi wireab...
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