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Floor Standing Speakers on HiFi Forsale
 ID 47929 Diy Seas Transmission Line - ...  £450 
For sale a pair of hand made speakers based on one of the UK's famous studio/home speakers manufacturer model. Guess which one... (Hint: Its name starts with P and ends with C). Finished in white...

 ID 47923 Genesis 5.3  £5995 
These will be an absolute bargain and probably the last speakers you'll own as to better them, even used, you'll need to spend a vast amount more and then I doubt you will better them. These w...

 ID 47901 Avi Duo  £550 
These speakers are based on some AVI Duos. The cabinets are brand new, and I installed better drivers than the standard AVI models and also d a super high spec crossover to see how far I could take th...

 ID 47891 Kef Reference 205 2  £3495 
A beautiful pair of speakers in Satin American Walnut and near mint condition. All accessories, boxes, packaging including real wood accessory presentation case with instructions and the serial numbe...

 ID 47848 Dali Ikon 6  £450 
Dali Ikon 6 Floorstanding Speakers. Excellent cosmetic condition with a few minor imperfections/knocks to bottom of speakers. Grilles in excellent condition. Accessories box, manual. No packaging ...

 ID 47801 Vandersteen Audio Quatro Wood  £7999.00 
Vandersteen Quatro Wood in light oak finish with single ended M5-HP filters, special isolation transformers and set up CD. Photo is of the actual pair. Mint condition was £14570.00 Ex/Dem. REDUC...

 ID 47779 Audio Physics Medea  £5900 
Very rare top of the range audio physics Medea. Uk retail 25k. This pair was featured in hi fi news. Lovely condition with original wooden shipping crates. Currently packed away hence no pictures. But...

 ID 47717 Naim Allae Loudspeakers Pre Ow...  £950 
Naim Allae Loudspeakers Pre owned RRP: £2,500 Original boxes and all packaging Condition of speakers : 9/10 Finished in the best looking finish of Maple Veneer. Real credit to their pre...

 ID 47677 Revel Ultima Salon 2  £9500 
Mint condition, piano black finish complete with original packaging. (new over £22000)

 ID 47676 Revel Ultima Studio 2  £8500 
Mint condition, x-dem pair, boxed. Offered with full warranty. Available in black and in Mahogany

 ID 47667 All High End Wanted  £30000 
See our NEW WEB SITE: www.choicehifi.co.uk We are always looking for the best quality High End HiFi to buy sell or part exchange. We have customers waiting for quality equipment. Advertise on ...

 ID 47664 Townshen Audio Maximum Supertw...  £790 
New pair of Supertweeters in black. New in box. See our NEW WEB SITE: www.choicehifi.co.uk

 ID 47659 Horning Eufrodite Mk5  £3990 
Lovely condition, latest version with Lowther DX55 driver, latest tweeter and silver spec. Indian Apple finish. With packing crates See our NEW WEB SITE: www.choicehifi.co.uk

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