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 ID 40611 Vienna Acoustics Imperial Seri...  £7000 
NOW REDUCED ! Rare chance to buy this well regarded and excellent high-end speaker from Vienna Acoustics. Move to a two up two down house forces reluctant sale. I will let the reviews below speak for ...
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 ID 40591 Monopulse Model S Loudspeakers...  £450 
Excellent - Boxed
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 ID 40587 Rega R7 Loudspeakers  £750 
Excellent - Boxed The R7's offer superb performance in true Rega tradition. Finished in Maple. Boxed
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 ID 40578 B&w Cm8 S1  £750 
I'm selling my B&W CM8s due to an upgrade. I thought I'd keep them for a second system but there's now a baby on the way so we need the space. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14...
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 ID 40559 Bower & Wilkins 804n  £1250 
Rare opportunity to purchase these great speakers. They are in excellent condition apart from some very small scuffs on the back of the cabinets. They have been owned by me from new and I have all the...
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 ID 40511 Avantagrde Duo Omega  £7000 
Avantgarde Duo G1 loudspeakers upgraded to Omega spec with 231 subs. Amazing performance and sensitivity, well suited to both solid state and valve amps; great match for Quad II (I used to use) or ...
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 ID 40429 Reference 3a Episode Be Loudsp...  £2800 
Frequency response: 38Hz–20kHz, +/-3dB (up to 100kHz with Murata super-tweeter) Sensitivity: 91dB/1W Power handling: 120W RMS Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms Weight: 55 lbs. Dimensions: 45" ...
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 ID 40415 Genelec 8050a Active Loudspeak...  £1350 
In decent condition and good working order 8050A Specifications: Maximum sound pressure level: 110 dB Frequency response: 38 Hz - 20 kHz (± 2 dB), 35 Hz - 21 kHz (-3 dB) Crossover frequen...
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 ID 40404 Wharfedale W2 Dovedale Loudspe...  £200 
Working order Cabinets pretty poor but the speakers are fine http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/Wharfedale_cat_files/Wharf_kits.pdf
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 ID 40350 Audio Physics Virgo 25 Sold  £2950 
Beautiful looking and sounding speakers. The level of clarity and sophistication is second to none. The black gloss finish is superb - think Bosendorfer/Bentley. Slight polishing marks are all but i...
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 ID 40336 Pmc Ob1i  £1800 
PMC OB1i speakers in cherry, pristine condition. Cost new £3600. Located on Wirral
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 ID 40196 Anthony Gallo Reference 3.5  £2795 
Absolutely stunning speakers, highly reviewed and rated. A mesmerizing holographic sound! In mint and unmarked condition. These come with the original boxes and packaging.
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 ID 40192 Martin Logan Summit  £4500 
Pair of Martin Logan Summit electrostatic speakers in black. Current version of these speakers (Summit X) costs £15,000 new. The only difference between these speakers and newer model is the c...
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