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 ID 41361 Acoustic Technologies Classic ...  £350 
Acoustic Technologies Classic single driver speakers in black, which I purchased brand new two years and had shipped in from the US. I purchased these on the specific recommendation of Roger Hebert o...
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 ID 41259 Dynaudio Audience 60  £275 
Excellent pair of speakers in almost new condition, with foam plugs to limit bass. In original packing.
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 ID 41228 Hart Audio D&w Aural Pleas...  £10000 
Get your hands on Harts £40,000 Aural Pleasures. Here is an opportunity to purchase a pair of Hart Audio Aural Pleasures. Reviews are superb and you really do have to listen to believe what sou...
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 ID 41103 Martin Logan Ethos - Teak  £3500 
These they are one of the best sounding speaker I have heard, you'll know this if you've listened Martin Logan range of ESL's. These are 3.5 years old and I had then from new, they are u...
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 ID 41084 Jbl 4345  £5999 
Studio monitors JBL 4345 £5499 Low used. Standing in a non smoky room. The 4345 is original, come with its original drivers and crossers, works very great in good condition. Scheme 4 wa...
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 ID 40999 Wilmslow Audio Near Field Moni...  £450 
Wilmslow Audio Speakers Two way Volt 10 inch bass units with Morel MDT33 tweets. Both units come in at 93db@1 watt /1 meter so i should imagine the crossovers are a not to complex an affair. Bi wireab...
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 ID 40980 Electric Beach Frugal 3 Horn  £550 
Lovely speakers, just over two years old. Plenty written about them on the web. Versatile with positioning. I used them with a trilogy pre and monblocs with an Amazon one TT source.. Make no mist...
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 ID 40951 Focal Aria 948  £1950 
I purchased them new in 2014.They are still as new in walnut finish and come with the manual and all original packaging.They sound as superb as all the fantastic reviews they received.
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 ID 40887 Celestion A2 In Black Ash  £550 
Boxed in excellent condition, easily 9/10 Last of the serious Celestion designs, the A series were a quality product when new and frankly a bargain. In many peoples opinion the build quality is far...
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 ID 40872 T+a Talis Tls 1 Loudspeakers -...  £450 
T+A Talis TLS 1 Loudspeakers - Pre owned RRP: £1,500 Original box and packaging Condition 9/10 Sr. 1232.01905
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 ID 40829 Magnepan Mg 12 Qr  £700 
These speakers are in excellent condition, and the sound is gorgeous. I'm selling reluctantly only because I have so little space to use these.
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 ID 40777 Opera Seconda  €1950 
A new pair of Opera Seconda speakers bought new in october 2016 just for a test of a new high-end brand on several speakers models. I have the invoice form october 2016 and the original cartons. T...
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 ID 40732 Zu Audio Omen Loudspeakers Wit...  £1000 
Great with SETSuper efficient - play loud with 2 watts Some damage to corners, see photos Omen MK II Quick Specs Height: 36” [91.5 cm] Footprint: 12 x 12” [30.5 x 30.5 cm] Weight:...
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