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 ID 45493 Sugden Masterclass La-4  £1500 
Beautiful pre-amp forming part of a treasured set up. Always left on standby. Comes with original packaging, remote and manual. Gorgeous, liquid sound.
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 ID 45480 Audio Research Reference 5  €6900 
Ue a recent s at my current setup, I sell my ARC gear for Dartzeel gear Good prices for fast selling. Audio Research Reference 5 —> 6.900€ 4 year old. ONLY 2800 tube hours (6550WE pow...
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 ID 45458 Robert Koda Takumi K-10 - 1500...  €18000 
For sale a Robert Koda Takumi K-10 multiple award winning preamplifier from 2012 with about 1500 hours on it, in mint condition fully complete. Priced at the Highend Broker 18000 euro* (retail 3300...
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 ID 45440 Music First Audio Baby Referen...  £3995 
Music First Audio Baby Reference Pre-Amplifier Less than a year old. In absolutely as new condition. Looks new and unused. Comes in a sturdy flight case along with the user manual. The Baby R...
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 ID 45429 Simaudio Moon P-8 Preamplifier...  £4850 
Simaudio Moon P-8 Preamplifier - Pre owned RRP: £11,500 Original packaging only, a suitable box is provided. User manual Remote control Moon interconnects and Power Cords. Spikes Conditio...
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 ID 45367 Boulder 1010  £5490 
Stunning Boulder 1010 pre amp as new 3x Line inputs, 1x Phono (MM/MC) input
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 ID 45348 Audio Research Ls2  £890 
Mint condition silver front line stage pre amp. See our NEW WEB SITE: www.choicehifi.co.uk
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 ID 45345 Krell Evolution 202  £4450 
Stunning Krell Evolution 202 Line level, 2 box, Pre-Amplifier
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 ID 45343 Plinius M16  £1590 
Mint condition Line Level Pre-Amp from Plinius
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 ID 45336 Klyne 6le  £1290 
Mint condition classic Klyne pre amp
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 ID 45327 Naim Audio Supercap 2  £1990 
Mint and boxed
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 ID 45312 Naim Nac152xs  £990 
Naim NAC152XS Pre-Amplifier Excellent condition Serial no. 396297 (Oct 2015) Six analogue inputs Upgradable with external power supplies such as FlatCapXS Perfect match with the NAP155XS power am...
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 ID 45300 Shindo Aurieges With Phono  €3250 
For sale a Shindo Aurieges with mm phohostange, original tubes, shindo powercord, manual and original package all in very good condition.. Priced at the Highend Broker 3250 euro* For more inform...
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