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 ID 777 Diy Hifi Supply. Ez Linestage ...  SOLD 
DIY HiFi Supply - EZ Linestage - preamplifier. Recently purchased (pre-built) has very nice detail and bloom, doesnt sound quite as transparent as a TVC passive pre. This unit has 4 inputs and 2 main ...
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 ID 762 Mark Levinson 320s + Phono Boa...  SOLD 
Perfect condition, comes with original phono board, crates and manual
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 ID 750 Ear 834l Delux  SOLD 
Used delux edition of this valve line amplifier - boxed in Very Good condition. I have the matching delux phono 834 [mc] in the same condition and will sell the pair for £1500.
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 ID 660 Luminous Audio Technology Axio...   
Ordered direct from the Manufacurer in the USA, these passive mono pre-amps have single ended inputs (XLR) and are fitted with Caddock resistors (1.2k).
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 ID 646 Bryston Bp25   
Beautiful Bryston BP25 in excellent condition, warranty runs until October 2019. Little used and complete with heavyweight steel remote control and power supply. Also owners manual, safety manual, ori...
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 ID 639 Classe Cp65   
Classe CP 65, original box, packing and Remote all as new manual copy. To say this is mint is an understatement, I immigrated to Spain in 2004. Since then its been boxed stored. Now Im going over to...
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 ID 633 Arcam C30   
Arcam c30 pre amp in silver,excellent condition, boxed, you will not find a better example of this highly refined pre amp. RRP £450
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 ID 626 Linn Unidisk Sc  SOLD 
Linn unidisk sc audio processor - pre amplifier plays cd, super audio cd, dvd-video and dvd-audio.combined in mint condition.
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 ID 598 Plinius M-8   
Superb condition PX Plinius M-8 preamplifier in Silver finish which has very low use since purchase just under 12 months ago due to customers work commitments overseas. Virtually unused! Comes with al...
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 ID 537 Wavac Pr-t1   
This pre-amplifier has less than 4 months use. It is currently boxed and awaiting a new owner. Wavac produces some amazing equipment and this 3 box preamp is one of them. This item is as new having ha...
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 ID 482 Quad 34   
Mint condition quad 34 classic pre-amp
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 ID 454 Based On Diyhifi Supply Ez Lin...   
Fantastic valve preamp based on diyhifisupply ez linestage with universal power supply . tkd stepped attenuator (same as in Kondo preamps and worth £230 alone ) All capacitors in power supply replac...
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 ID 403 Naim Nac 72  SOLD 
Nac 72 in excellent condition. no phono boards fitted. 1993. original packing. postage if reqd. £12.50 uk mainland. chord cobra 3 interconnect available at £25 extra
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