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 ID 38751 Pass Labs Xi Preamp With Remot...  £1850 
Excellent Link to PDF of Owners Manual: http://tinyurl.com/hfd2uhd
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 ID 38530 Bryston Bp26 Mc Mm + Mps2 + B...  £3100 
Bryston BP26 with MC/MM phono module fitted + MPS2 PSU and BR2 illuminated remote control. Cost new ~6.5k. Bought from UK dealer 2 years ago with 18 years warranty to run. Mint and boxed with all ac...
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 ID 38496 Unison Research Unico Pre Pre-...  £1200 
Unison Research Unico PRE Pre-amplifier - Pre owned RRP: £2,160 Original box and packaging User manual Remote control Condition 9/10 Sr. 480059 Line inputs: Four balanced and single-e...
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 ID 38380 Music First Classic Sivler Wir...  £2250 
Manufacturer refurbished, new casework and switches fitted 2016 original 2006 transformers This is the silver wired version of the Classic, more open and faster than the standard copper classic ...
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 ID 38213 Audio Research Audio Research ...  £5000.00 
Audio Research Preamplifier Like NEW! (not the SE) Audio Research Ref 5 preamp mint condition with limited hours on it! 230 Volt (220/240)
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 ID 38188 Radford Sc25  £550 
Not for sale
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 ID 37908 Audiozone Pre-t1   
As in the title looking for the Audiozone Pre-T1 preamp.
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 ID 37721 Cyrus Quattro  £225 
New price! CD player with FM tuner. In perfect condition with original packaging and cabling. Best paired with Cyrus SmartPower amp.
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 ID 37686 Harman Kardon Ap 2500 Signa...   
I am looking for the Harman Kardon AP 2500 Signature Series Pre Amp. Must be in excellent cosmetic and working condition.I am also looking for the PA 2400 Harman Kardon Signature Series power amplifi...
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 ID 37543 Gainsford Audio Pav5  £1120 
ALL TUBE Amplification with Ultra Low Noise Performance PRE AMPLIFIER FEATURES Two toroidal Transformers Phono, Radio,CD, Line 1, Line 2 This Pre-Amp is a full phono MM Pre-Amp with 5 inpu...
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 ID 37503 First Watt B1 Buffer   
I am looking for a Nelson Pass FIRST WATT B1 Buffer pre-amp. Must be in excellent condition. May consider a high quality clone or home built model. Please drop me a message. Cash waiting.
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 ID 37300 Mark Levinson 326s  £5990 
X-dem mint condition with phono stage and all packaging See our NEW WEB SITE: www.choicehifi.co.uk
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 ID 37287 Audio Research Ls2  £890 
Mint condition silver front line stage pre amp. See our NEW WEB SITE: www.choicehifi.co.uk
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