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 ID 30355 Exposure 23 And 28  SOLD 
Exposure 23 line preamp and dual mono 28 power amp. Silver finish - 80 wpc. Last of the classic John Farlowe designs. Positive internet reviews. Remote control, manuals and boxes included. £3000...
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 ID 30319 Naim Nac72 Nap140  SOLD 
NAP and NAC commbo sounds superb. Comes with power and interconnect cable ( power to pre ) Some paint wear top left corner of NAP but nothing bad. Will package well with foam corners and strong box.
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 ID 30274 Exposure 3 Pre And 4 Power  SOLD 
Selling my classic Exposure 3 and 4 pre and power combo. Tony at expoure commented I have a piece here of UK hifi history. And what a pair. The pre runs from the power and both have been uprated with ...
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 ID 30149 Naim Nac82, Nap180  SOLD 
NAC 82with NAPSC Power Supply Serial number 156XXX Serviced 2011 including pots8 fit. Comes with latest Narcom remote and Naim power lead. Excellent condition. Can be further upgraded by. 2 hi-caps. &...
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 ID 29501 Naim Nac82, Napsc Psu, Dual Hi...  SOLD 
Nac 82 Pre-Amp (inc Pot8). Napsc PSU Dual Hi-Cap PSU by respected Gordon Welford, ran this A-B with an original Naim Hi-Cap and in my opinion this was far superior. Nap 140 Power Amp. Comes wi...
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 ID 29466 Musical Fidelity A308cr Dual M...  SOLD 
Musical Fidelity A308CR Dual Mono Pre Amp & Power Amp - Pre owned Original Packing
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 ID 29046 This Is Different Mcintosh C28...  SOLD 
This is really different. Owned and used by Jack Bruce of Cream Certificates to prove ownership Really great condition Stunning combo audition very welcome in North London Really sounds amazing...
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 ID 28874 Roksan Caspian M1 Preamp + Fre...  SOLD 
Roksan Caspian M1 dual mono preamp w/Roksan full size remote, £1650 new + ** Free ** Musical Fidelity P170 power amplifier, great power amp from Tim de Pavaricini era of MF, bargain pre-power ...
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 ID 28456 Audio Synthesis Desire Decade ...  SOLD 
Fantastic pre/power combo. The cleanest, clearest, most transparent solid state amplification I have owned. Original cost over £3000. Designed to work together the power amp has a very high inpu...
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 ID 28425 Quad Quad 80 Valve Mono Amps  SOLD 
Quad 80 mono block valve amplifiers and Quad qc.twentyfour pre amp and Quad cdp 2 CD player plus remote and also to include all manuals and boxes. All equipment in exceptional condition and I would p...
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 ID 28042 Primare Series 928 Preamplifie...  SOLD 
Primare Series 928 Preamplifier & 928 Monoblocks - Pre Owned Original packaging Serial number: Pre: 0192 Mono Amps: 0366 & 0367
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 ID 27630 Avi S2000 Mm And 2xs2000mp  SOLD 
Although I am in Canada, I bought these new in the UK so they are 220V. Awesome pure sound but I need to get some 110V gear. I am looking for a good offer.
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 ID 26953 Auralic Merak Mono Amps + Taur...  SOLD 
Only a few months old. Genuine reason For sale.
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