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 ID 38058 Exposure 23-28 Xxiii Xxviii  SOLD 
The new classics pre and power amp, usually marketed by dealers around £1,100-1,200. Purchased from Progressive Audio in June 2009 as ex demonstration appeared to be little used when received. I...
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 ID 37367 Restek Extract Monoblocks + Ve...  SOLD 
Fabulous German Hi-End Pre and dual monoblock combo. Both in the rare chrome finish, they look and sound spectacular. The Extracts have just come back from Restek in Germany after a mini upgrade ...
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 ID 36790 Naim Nac202 & Nap200  SOLD 
Excellent condition with remote all cables manuals and boxes.Serial no's Nac 202 2989.... Nap 200 2832.... SOLD
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 ID 36437 Exposure Iii Preamp, Iv Power  SOLD 
Classic exposure pre/power amps, the III pre has 3 line and 1 very good mc phono, the IV power has the single transformer rather than the dual, sound is wonderfully weighty and lush, bags of power.
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 ID 36394 Chord Electronics Spm1050 &...  SOLD 
Purchased in Aug 2015 and in totally mint condition. All original boxes and accessories, like new. Units are in black. Retail price of £10880
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 ID 36186 Magnum Mp 150 And Mf 150  SOLD 
The classic 1990's pre-power amp represents Magnum's entry-level pre / power combination.
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 ID 36132 Luxman Two M-120a Power Amps A...  SOLD 
2 Luxman M-120A power amps and C-120A pre amp. The M-120A can be used a power amp or as mono blocks. They are sold as seen. The front panels are in good condition but the case work on 1 of the power a...
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 ID 36003 Trigon Trv-100 Tre-50m  SOLD 
New £6390. Includes Trigon Director remote.
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 ID 35932 Trigon Trv 100 Tre 50m  SOLD 
New price £6390 excellent amps. £2995 for quick sale.
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 ID 35366 Astin Trew At1000s At5000s  SOLD 
Selling Astin Trew Pre and power combination at S specification. Smooth powerful and musical with superb build quality and ergonomics. Boxes and comprehensive manuals. New price at S spec is £...
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 ID 34716 Denon Pre 2000z & Poa 3000z  SOLD 
I've had my orders to de clutter 25 years of Hifi that's broken down, My denon for sale, massive power amplifier the biggest they did at the time and still one of the finest pre amps ever made...
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 ID 34665 Plinius M8 And P8 Amps For Sal...  SOLD 
Pre-amp now sold £1,250 for the power amp A stunning combination with a clear and detailed wide/spacious sound with deep, punchy bass. Superb build quality and they look quite the part as ...
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 ID 34598 Spectral Dmc 12 And Dma 100  SOLD 
Spectral DMC12 preamp with external power supply. Superb, fully adjustable moving coil phono stage. Spectral DMA100 power amp. Fabulous build quality. Matching MIT interconnects and speaker cables ava...
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