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Power Supplies on HiFi Forsale
 ID 47328 Naim 555 (dr)  SOLD 
A superb example of this popular power supply, a Naim 555 (DR). The unit is in immaculate condition and was upgraded to DR in April 2016. The PS is sold with a burndy cable, the original Naim mains le...

 ID 46981 Naim Hicap  SOLD 
Olive HiCap in perfect condition. Fully serviced by Mark Slade of Witch Hat Audio (ex NAIM) June 2011 and in perfect working order. Supplied in original packaging.

 ID 46978 Naim Napsc  SOLD 
NAIM NAPSC in perfect condition. No box but will be packed carefully.

 ID 46853 Ps Audio Perfectwave Powerplan...  SOLD 
4 output clean power supply

 ID 46761 Teddy Pardo Xps  SATISFIED 
Anyone got one who know where a second hand one is for sale? Thanks

 ID 46700 Naim Audio Supercap Dr  SOLD 
This is a late 2012 original DR - not an upgrade. In fantastic mint condition. Includes standard power cable and original packaging. Can ship at cost

 ID 46322 Naim Audio Flastcap Xs (1 Year...  SOLD 
In as new condition as it should, being less than a year old. Includes manual, standard power cable and comes with original packaging. Can ship at cost.

 ID 46292 Naim Audio Hicap (cb)  SOLD 
A very good condition HiCap psu that has been fully serviced by Witchhat. Comes in original box with service document, mains cable and 5 pinSnaic.

 ID 46173 Russ Andrews Bmu1500  SOLD 
The Euro BMU1500 is effectively two balanced mains unit in one box Comments: socket is rated at up to 1000VA suitable for a power amp or integrated amplifier. The second socket is rated at up to 50...

 ID 46171 Furman Elite Ef16i  SOLD 
Mains conditioner boxed immaculate with cables and manuals Comments: boxed in immaculate condition RRP £950

 ID 46003 Naim Hi-cap Dr  SOLD 
The Hi-Cap DR gives sharper focus, greater image depth and overall clarity, plus purer sibilants and a more upbeat tempo which was demonstrated once the Hi-Cap was added to the amplifier, in this case...

 ID 45718 Naim Audio Supercap 2  SOLD 
Manufactured in 2010 and in excellent condition as can be seen from photos. This is not the DR version. Comes with original packaging and standard mains lead.

 ID 45713 Naim Audio Supercap Dr  SOLD 
Supercap DR (this is an original DR not an upgrade) manufactured in 2013. In excellent condition. Comes with standard Naim power lead and Naim packaging.

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